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Ion chromatography pioneer in China “

? Check out Ecological Atmosphere Investigation Center Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher Mou

1975 H. Small, who successfully solved the continuous detection column conductivity detector effluent problem, designed by ion chromatography, inorganic ions to accomplish a rapid separation and detection, so that ion chromatography (IC) as liquid chromatography Technology A branch of the rapidly developed, the very same year came the 1st industrial IC instrument. With the improvement of domestic ion chromatography, China has independently developed the initial generation of commercial ion Chromatography Also successfully launched in 1984. Experienced nearly 30 years of development, ion chromatography with the application of demand-driven, increasingly strong improvement momentum.

Mou researchers in the field of ion chromatography applications primarily based on nearly three decades of painstaking study, has undertaken and presided more than the “Eighth Five-Year” and the “Ninth Five-Year” national crucial analysis project on “Development and Application of Ion Chromatography Development” and the International Cooperation Subject “Application of ion chromatography for simple research,” and so on. Soluble organic compounds in water by ion chromatography evaluation of studies of trace components in complex matrices by ion chromatography evaluation study, and with no pre-column and post-column derivatization reaction of carbohydrates and amino acids such as direct analysis of the research benefits, in aroused the focus of international counterparts. And won the “subject of ion chromatography have created outstanding contributions to the international award” honors.

Days ago, I had the honor to CAS Ecological Atmosphere Investigation Center of Environmental Chemistry and Ecotoxicology International Laboratory on “Advances in ion chromatography, ion chromatography regular building, and domestic improvement of ion chromatography enterprise,” so on an exclusive interview Mou researcher.

Ion chromatography in the ascendant Interview Opening, Mou researchers described the positive aspects of ion chromatography: “Very first of all, ion chromatography is a quick carbon chain organic acid anions and the preferred method of evaluation Secondly, several compounds do not absorb light group, not appropriate for UV detection, detection is essential by higher performance liquid column only right after post-column derivatization UV detection, in addition to a quantity of compounds not suitable derivative Reagent To have absorption groups, but the polarity and water solubility of these compounds are stronger this time because of its exclusive benefit of ion chromatography to solve such problems, a standard signifies of analytical chemistry Lastly, the simple require of organic ion chromatography solvent (generally organic solvents are much more toxic), utilizing the process security Environmental protection . “

Talk about technology and Application of ion chromatography, the Mou researchers on the following points:

(1) constantly expanding range of applications

With the increasing market place demand and the improvement of ion chromatography, ion chromatography in the field more and far more broadly. As in current years, a single of the fastest developing analytical techniques, ion chromatography applications ranging from frequent anions and cations and organic acids, improvement to its various oxidation states of transition metals, water soluble polar organic compounds, amino acid and sugar compounds, have been widely applied in environmental, Food , Agriculture, power, water, semiconductors, biomedical and other fields of routine testing and scientific study. “International Ion Chromatography Professional PRHaddad stated: Biochemical evaluation of ion chromatography in the future will be a extremely promising improvement directions. Ion chromatography has become a far more mature evaluation techniques, but with new materials, new technologies, ion chromatography will still have a extremely broad space for development. “

(two) the escalating R &amp D

Ion chromatography column on technology development, Mou researchers emphasized: “ion chromatography approach is selective and depends on the stationary phase is what we constantly said the column?? Ion Chromatography ‘heart’. In current years a variety of column technologies has developed swiftly, and the HPLC column of the principal differences are: most of the matrix is silica gel HPLC column, and ion chromatography column for the organic polymer matrix more suitable for wide range of pH, as a routine analysis strategy, to use a lot more practical. “

Current investigation focuses on ion column: a new ion exchange column packing effective higher-volume column, monolithic column, speedy column and higher-selectivity columns.

IC technology combined with AAS, AFS, ICP-MS and MS, and so forth. in current years combined with another hot IC application development. Such as IC and atomic fluorescence spectrometry, for arsenic, mercury, selenium, chromium valence and speciation evaluation suppressed IC with MS, MS, for complicated-primarily based evaluation of trace components to increase the methods selectivity and sensitivity. DR

modest ion chromatography, capillary ion chromatography and ion chromatography microchip miniaturization ion chromatograph, ion chromatography is the latest development in international hot spots, but the nation has hardly ever.

Reagent cost-free ion chromatography and virtual column “The United States Dianne’s latest reagent free ion chromatography (RFIC-EG and RFIC-ER), RFIC-EG-line only produces higher purity water eluent such concentrations can be gradient elution pump, so that the development of techniques is very convenient as only water through the pump and reduce pollution of the pump, extend the pump life. RFIC-ER are washing line automatic regeneration, a cream formulated 4L lotion can be utilized constantly for 4 weeks, only to make a calibration curve. RFIC technology comprehensively improve the efficiency of ion chromatography to analyze workers to take time and work to make deeper and broader research. “

“International Ion Chromatography very respected specialist PRHaddad chromatographic circumstances can be screened for ‘virtual pillar’ software, the laptop simulation technique to simulate the conditions for a appropriate, feasible ideas for chromatography workers to steer clear of unnecessary attempts, tremendously enhancing efficiency. “

Ion chromatography requirements development in a number of problems

“Common strategy must have the versatility, accuracy, we can method the text to make the proper results. Standard approach of comparison with foreign nations, our normal approach of ion chromatography write easier, a lot more basic scope, column item model is not clear, is usually not advisable to use mass spectrometry and other troubles not conducive to the successful widespread use of standard strategies. “