Virtuozzo Os Level Virtualization Vps Hosting Vs. Other Hardware Level Virtualization

tags Virtualization technology has been around for really a whilst now and specifically so in major-technologies outfits. This technologies has mostly created into VPS hosting with numerous organizations opting to move their operations to the cloud rather than operate physical servers that demand higher levels of maintenance and configuration. There is 1 development that has, nonetheless, not been apparent in the near blanket embracing of cloud computing and VPS hosting this is the difference between hardware level virtualization and OS level virtualization.

Hardware level virtualization was the initial technological breakthrough that saw virtualization companies virtualizes each single piece of hardware on a server in order to generate a new virtual machine. This cloning event included the cloning of the server OS and all other applications running on that server. This, of course, creates a number of challenges. The very first challenge is the use of sources or space on the server.

Due to the virtualization of a big quantity of resources, this merely moved physical server needs into a virtual environment but retained the resource allocations. Another challenge faced is the administration of several OS’s that each and every run independently. This reduces the overall efficiency and flexibility of the server as each and every application has to process via two layers of OS. Finally, with the constant changes in hardware configurations in the IT space, maintaining up with these changes on the virtualized environment becomes difficult.

Virtuozzo VPS however creates a totally diverse strategy to the virtualization problem. This they obtain by way of the deployment of OS level Virtual Environments or VEs. These VEs are all deployed on prime of a single OS and this in turn introduces a complete new set of benefits. The first benefit is the use of one OS. This in effect removes any licensing concerns that might arise with using a quantity of virtualized copies of the identical OS.

Secondly, OS level virtualization making use of Virtuozzo Containers tends to make it effortless to assistance any and all new technologies. This is because it utilizes current hardware and OS sources that can be reconfigured independently from the VE’s without affecting their operations. Finally, OS level Virtuozzo VPS allows for limitless flexibility, scalability and manageability that allows for the creation of hundreds of VE’s which can all be configured and run independently yet managed from a single administration hub. These benefits clearly spot Virtuozzo Containers OS level virtualization resolution at the really head of the virtualization pack.