Van Gaal Fury Team Draw


Therefore, you need to wait until the flowers fade, when Arjen Robben with the ultimately appeared in the dock against Wolfsburg Bayern, when fans lastly see Bayern “Li Luobei” combination of hope returned. And I firmly think “Li Luobei” Bayern can mix a great commence in 2011. But the program to adapt to changes, the game only for the initial 18 minutes “, Luo Beili” group of audience in the hope of the contract marketplace, Josué Wolfsburg midfielder Franck Ribery on the ground, the French fell in discomfort holding of his left foot on the ground, was finally out afternoon.


Franck Ribery directly stretcher injuries to know that the French are not easy “, Journal of Munich” and “objective,” Ribery said knee troubles, is that the distinction is only bruises, even though others believed that was a hit , whilst the “Bild” suspected torn ligaments foot Franck Ribery. See media in German is that Franck is not offered at about the time of the month Ribery, and if the situation is not optimistic in the case, then France will be fully reimbursed for the season. Appears that fans of Bayern Munich desires to see, “Luo Beili” mixture may have to wait till the flowers bloom once again thanks.


For Bayern Munich, Franck Ribéry with the injured, probably annoying all the plans, Franck Ribery Bayern is Robben and the two most critical points in the team, no way, two really distinct Bayern team. Half of the season at Bayern in at least 14 points behind Borussia Dortmund, which is also weary of war and all Robben, Franck Ribéry is a dilemma of injury. Subsequent month will mark the beginning of a critical Champions League Bayern 08/01 final challenge, the opponent is in the season’s final Champions League final, Inter Milan beat Bayern, and the final due to the fact of Franck Ribery Lyon Competition has executed far more malicious Lisandro discontinued, and the absence of Robben themselves Franck Ribery, Bayern lost -2, lost the Cup of massive ears.


Frank Ribery with the England Soccer Jerseys injury eliminated the final moments of the match against Bayern drop points are furious coach Van Gaal, following all, in the head shortly right after Bayern had several possibilities to seal victory, but an extravagance: Do “not I intend for the game I am really disappointed since I had the very first half ought to be 3-, but lost every little thing So we created a simple error in the second half, the victory .. and we have adopted. Incredibly, this is currently the fifth time this season, such a predicament, the file. “
After the lottery market, Bayern Munich Borussia Dortmund and took a massive distinction to 16 points, although in the Bundesliga with just 16 laps remaining, but they have not given up hope of words, but admits Robben, Dortmund, Germany The winner was quite close, “We have not talked a lot about the leader point, due to the fact we are far from the summit, we should recognize that, Dortmund with the Terry Jersey 6 , since of their outstanding overall performance need to win this .”