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Editor Language: Instrumentation Total sets of gear as the focus of modern large-scale national defense creating an crucial part of technical equipment and the source of the info market, info technology to stimulate industrialization is an important link, applications covering business, agriculture, transportation, science and technologies, Environmental protection , National defense, people’s lives and so on, doubling the national economy and stimulating a massive part. And revitalize the equipment manufacturing sector can not do with no instrumentation. Therefore, the development of the industry cause for concern. Since 2009, to face the globe Monetary Influence of the crisis, China’s production and marketing instrument industry growth is another large drop, but the joint efforts of the industry has bottomed out and achieve a smooth recovery and improvement. In order to accurately grasp the improvement of instrumentation sector, and business trends in 2010 predicted, this reporter not too long ago interviewed in China Instrument Association Specific Adviser to the Xi Jiacheng, the write-up will published in two connected manuscripts to readers.

“2009 the Instrument Instrument market has 3 unexpected,” China Instrument Association Unique Adviser to the Xi Jiacheng not too long ago told the China Market News reporter, “pick-up efforts to reduced than expected profits rise faster than anticipated, regional businesses than the tolerance expected to do. “

In the instrumentation industry association lately held five-four members (the expansion) meeting, Xi Jiacheng evaluation of the operation of the business in 2009 and the improvement trend.

“Since 2003, the market can be mentioned to do a high-temperature test,” Xi Jiacheng jokingly said, “rapid growth in the industry, foreign factories everywhere, big case of the Chinese market place, nearby organizations have not lost down in the industry growth rate decreased, demand drastic changes, the profit improve in main twists when the recovery of local companies better than the foreign-funded enterprises. “

Bottomed out a smooth recovery 2009, China’s instrument business sales growth is an additional considerable downturn, it has bottomed out and accomplish a smooth recovery.

Xi Jiacheng explained, Given that 2008, market sales declined year on year development for two consecutive years had been about 10 percentage points to sales development in 2009 has decreased to 8.8%, 9.1%. “Following the 2009 mid-1 to two months soon after the historical low, the industry began to rebound. 10 months ago, the typical monthly boost of less than .5%, to increase speed of 11,12 months, at the finish of month production record, sales have been reached 44.1 billion yuan and 443 million. “Xi Jiacheng told reporters, suggesting that the situation in 2010 would be much better.

But in the gear manufacturing, instrumentation sector recovery efforts of decrease-middle, reduced than Automobile , Agricultural machinery, engineering machinery, and electrical, heavy machinery and other industries.

“This is closely linked with market characteristics,” Xi Jiacheng evaluation is that the instrument industry, demand for merchandise accounting for less rigid, and simply because the production cycle is short, recovery needs with a particular lag. “For instance, the DCS The complexity of the business is at least medium to higher, but only a quarter of the production cycle, let alone Other Product. “

And compared to automobiles, farm machinery and other industries, policy measures to benefit the business level on the instrument is relatively low. And the business-funded enterprises accounted for exports accounting for a large. “In the economic crisis, the 3 enterprises will bear the brunt.” Xi Jiacheng stated sales have been funded enterprises accounted for 45% of the business fell 33% in 2009. “Their economic energy, technological strength than neighborhood enterprises, local businesses had expected to reduce the stress on, but in reality foreign-invested enterprises operating troubles than huge nearby enterprises.”

In addition, some enterprises create revolutionary capacity is not robust on the economy adjusted to adapt to low, also contributed to the weak trend of the major internal variables.

But it is worth mentioning that the sector output in 2009 exceeded 400 billion yuan for the very first time, “Although market sales growth in 2009 at less than double digits for the first time this century, but the market nevertheless maintained a per two years on the ‘hundreds of billions’ of growth.