Usb Digital Oscilloscope Application Development


In the embedded technique development procedure, the serial bus protocol analysis has constantly been a headache to make the operate of engineers. In a case of logic analyzer, engineers require to set up complicated trigger situations to capture the essential data, this is one thing that needs costly gear investment will take a lot of time for equipment set with Oscilloscopes Technology The continuous development of serial bus triggering and analysis capabilities appear in a number of higher-end oscilloscopes, and welcomed by the embedded engineer. But different producers oscilloscope serial bus analysis functions and overall performance are very various.

Serial bus utilizing the oscilloscope to trigger

Use an ordinary oscilloscope only basic edge-triggered and trigger pulse, it is tough to capture the complexity of the serial bus waveform. Use with serial bus triggering oscilloscope can easily capture the want for serial data. Yokogawa Corporation DLM2000 Series supports a selection of frequently used digital oscilloscope serial bus triggering, including CAN/LIN/I2C/SPI/UART, even on the user-defined non-normal serial bus trigger. According to the various structure of every bus, you can set a variety of trigger modes. The a lot more trigger mode, the stronger the ability to capture data.

In embedded systems is typically the existence of two or far more sorts of serial bus structures, such as Auto Electronic The CAN and LIN bus often also be utilised, typically require to analyze whether or not the two bus communication with the troubles. The majority of serial bus triggering with an oscilloscope at the exact same time can trigger a bus, CAN and LIN bus to attain the exact same trigger, the oscilloscope can only use two, while the two oscilloscope synchronization difficulty difficult to resolve. DLM2000 Series oscilloscope characteristics dual bus trigger, you can effortlessly attain a mixture of any two serial bus trigger.

Use the oscilloscope to decode of serial bus

Trigger the need to have for serial data, engineers are still faced with the original waveform data, in order to carry out efficient bus analysis, want to decode the waveform. At present, the digital oscilloscope used in the decoding tactics include Computer software Decoding and hardware decoding. Software program decoder is the oscilloscope waveform information by the decoding application to acquire results of operations, while minimizing hardware fees, but the speed of CPU demanding computing. In practice, employing software decoding decoding time oscilloscope take a handful of seconds or even ten seconds of time. This decoding speed has lost the meaning of actual-time analysis, due to the fact most of the information has been lost in waiting for decoding. A small quantity of high-end oscilloscope hardware decoding technologies used to solve this problem, so actual-time decoding evaluation achievable.

Decoding outcomes in the display can also display a list of all of the captured frame decoding is quite effortless to decode the waveform and the corresponding final results of observation.

Decoding to get the correct result, different bus parameters need to be set on the oscilloscope. To CAN bus analysis, for instance, need to specify the bus variety of CAN, CAN set the corresponding channel signal, by adjusting the trigger level and timeline of the CAN bus trigger, then adjust the bit price, set the invisible power of equality, if SPI bus, but also To specify the three-wire or 4-wire, specify the clock signal, chip choose signal. This setting approach require to be quite careful, any a single set may possibly not be acceptable, decoding the benefits are probably to get out. Specifically the bit price settings, even the slightest error, the decoding results obtained may possibly be incorrect.

Mixed signal digital oscilloscope in the Universal Serial Bus Improvement Application

Complicated set component of the method of commissioning a waste of time, not completely play the part of scope to increase improvement efficiency. The DLM2000 oscilloscope serial bus triggering and decoding of the automatic settings, the user want only set up the bus kind and source channel, the technique can automatically adjust the bit price, trigger level, invisible energy equal other settings, in just two inside seconds, can trigger synchronization waveform and decode the outcomes displayed. This feature permits the serial bus settings turn out to be difficult very hassle-free, tremendously elevated the efficiency of the development engineers.