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tags Food is for people to eat substances. At first, people just stay in the understanding of meals to fill his stomach level, with human progress, and progressively realized the health meals and nutrition,. With the improvement of modern science and technologies, we have found many unknown new foods, you probably by no means heard of, you might be shocked, even so, turned out exactly that way.

Foods support curb violent tendencies Some sociologists have speculated no matter whether the food and the crime and poor behavior related hyperlinks. For this explanation, some people were studied, experimental object is the highest level of safety Asibolei criminals in prison. In the experiment, researchers from the food intake among the criminals complicated nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, crucial fatty acids. The final results they showed wonderful adjustments in just two weeks after the intake of nutrients of a compound of violence decreased by 35%, the experiment was published in the “British Psychiatry” magazine.

The end of the experiment, the researchers stopped the prisoners nutrients added, the outcome of violence in prisons has increased by 40%. When the prison’s management staff to see test outcomes, was carried out on the prison diet program suitable adjustments.

Visible balanced diet, rational nutrition intake in lowering crime, and not the normal behavior that has some connection!

Affordable Diet regime Reduce suicide Some food than change people’s character, but also can substantially affect people’s thoughts and feelings, such as potatoes and pasta consume people, to avert and lessen suicide. Had suicidal tendencies and the brain one thing called “Sailuoduoning” the material content material level. If the diet regime includes much more carbohydrates, increases the brain “Seluoduoning” content. Irish potato eating, eat Italian food like pasta, which are higher in carbohydrates, so a fairly low suicide price, although Denmark, Germany, Australians love to consume higher protein foods, low intake of carbohydrates, brain “Sailuoduoning” reduce levels, the suicide price is relatively larger than the state.

In addition, some nutrients to promote and boost the people’s mood, reduce the occurrence of irrational behavior. For instance: Vitamin Bl: aid to alleviate feelings of depression or irritability and so on. It can be from animal intestines, crude Flour , Beans, leafy vegetables, poultry and fish intake nicotinic acid and choline: a B vitamin in the two substances, can decrease anxiousness, fatigue, sleeplessness and headaches. Far more meals containing these substances are animal liver, lean meat, Beer Yeast, coarse flour, fish, eggs, and maltose.

Some food to help us to decrease depression
Study located that eating properly will aid against depression. Researchers discovered that some meals could have the potential to alleviate symptoms of depression, these foods including fish and nuts (such as walnuts), and so on.. Neurobiologist at Harvard Medical College found that these foods can play to enhance the impact of depressive symptoms. Further discovered that these foods are rich in -three fatty acids and uracil, and it is these substances might play a role in depression symptoms. Some research recommend that depression in vivo concentration of -3 fatty acids in normal people, so that this fatty acid might for the maintenance of standard brain function and plays an essential role in depression. -three fatty acids to synthesize human not only from linseed oil, a huge Bean oil , Nuts and other food for deep-sea fish. Animal was discovered, wealthy in -three fatty acids in the brain can block the brain neural pathways, growing the formation of serotonin. The serotonin contribute to emotional stability and anxiety relief, this role and the role of antidepressants in the brain is really equivalent.

Can also impact the character of meals

Early as 2000 years ago, physicians discovered that nutrition and personality, emotions. According to historical records, 2400 years ago, in ancient Greece, there has Ortiz of medical doctors, by means of painstaking study, for the 1st time designed a temperament theory, will be personality into sanguine, nervous, mucus top quality four categories of good quality and bile. Every single character is determined by physical traits and atmosphere impacts such as climate, customs, labor, culture, meals customs, food structure, and a lot of other situations of mutual restraint, lay a assortment of human character. Nowadays, his character remains the world’s recognized on the composition, according to this theory, many healthcare authorities via continual practice, summarized some of the food can have an effect on the human character.

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