Untimely charge hike irks ?Islamic University’ students


Untimely fee hike irks ‘Islamic University’ students

Waheed Yaseen

Agence India Press

November 28, 2010

Srinagar: The Students of Islamic University of science and technologies are really upset with the varsity authorities as they are getting charged extra quantity this academic year thereby contradicting their personal costs structure as per prospectus.


“I don’t know what is going on, in our prospectus it is mentioned that we have to spend only Rs 15000 as our semester fee but in this semester we paid Rs 17000. Exactly where shall I go? Out of nowhere they (University authorities) have decided to increase our tuition charge,” stated a student, declined to be named, who and his class mates had to pay two thousand much more than what has been shown in the University Prospectus released at the commence of academic year.


The timing of the charge hike, students feel, was each and every so surprising with people in Kashmir suffering heavy losses due to the unrest.


Various students who have applied for education loans as per the charge structure pointed out in the prospects discover it cumbersome to arrange for the further amount as there is a disparity between the actual and new fee structure.


In addition the students are getting charged further rupees 50 as late fees per day for not paying their semester charges on time.


Authorities, according to the students, charge them late charge even if holidays fall in the process.

“I am not getting any issue in paying late charges but we are charged on holidays as well,” said yet another student infuriated with the hike.


With 15th November set as a last date for charge submission followed by Eid holidays, students stated they couldn’t submit the charge in time.


“I went to submit my fee but was surprised to see that Eid holidays had been integrated as the number of days right after expiring of last date of submission,” he added.


Finance Officer, IUST, Awantipora, Sameer Wazir stated authorities hadn’t hiked the tuition fee and felt that there was a confusion in the students that would be addressed.


“I think there is confusion amongst students with regards to the tuition charge, we will sort it out. There is no hi8ke in fee as I know items,” Sameer told Agence India Press.


With regards to the late charge on holidays, Sameer stated, “We are following the university rules (AIP)



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