Uk- Prime 5 Colleges, Education Technique, Accommodation Charges, Required Fund, Specialization Course

tags It would be a dream come true for most of the Indian students if he/she gets a possibility to study in the UK prestigious universities. The higher top quality of education, nicely qualified employees, and secured study environment draws thousands of applicants from diverse components of the world in UK. In current research it was shown two,306,105 students visited UK in 2007 And this figure has gone up in 2009. This clearly indicates the worth and recognition of UK education globe-wide. Even though courses in UK are costly compared to New-Zealand or Canada but they are a excellent venture for your future. You would locate great career opportunities right after passing out for a nicely-recognized UK University.

Described beneath are leading five colleges in UK-

– University of Cambridge
– University of Oxford
– Imperial College of London
– University College London
– The University of Manchester

The international students who want to study in UK should understand the education system of UK correctly. In UK soon after completing secondary education, the student begins with higher education, which is classified into two-

– Non-University level or post secondary studies
– University level research

Non-University level leads to diploma and vocational qualifications. There are about 30 educational bodies that offer you diploma and vocational degrees to the students.

At University level research, there are 4 stages namely, University level initial stage, second stage, third stage and fourth stage.

The very first stage has Bachelors degree in Arts, Science and technologies, law etc. it lasts for three or four years. The second stage consists of two years and students pursue Masters Degree program after completing Bachelors. The third stage has two years and it is an extended study of Masters system like M. Phil degree. The fourth stage of the UK education program involves PhD degree where candidates present thesis on their subject.

The accommodation or living expense in UK would cost you six,600 per year. This is the minimum fund you demand to study in UK for the first year.

It also includes your other bills and food and so forth. There are various options available for accommodation for international students. Most of the Universities give rooms for rent to international students or you could also take a private accommodation. You can opt to share a room with a British family members or share a flat with your fellow students. Normally students prefer to share an apartment with other international students it costs them less costly and a lot more practical. The weekly rent charges of various locations in UK differ from every other, such as-

South Courts 110.74 per week
The Houses 103.78 per week
University Quays 101.57 per week
Wolfson Court 77.91 per week

UK has endless number of graduate, post graduates, Doctorate, Diploma courses. Some of them are listed for you

– Bachelor of Arts (BA)
– Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
– Bachelor of Education (B Ed)
– Bachelor of Medicine
– Master of Bio-chemistry
– Master of Earth Science
– Master of Physics
– Master of Mathematics
– Medical professional of Music
– Doctor of Civil Law
– Physician of Letters
– Master of Business Administration (MBA)