U.S. Moms Industry 2010, 3rd Edition


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The U.S. Mom Market place has received considerably discussion more than the last 10 years considering that Packaged Facts very first published a extensive report on the market. Moms continue to dominate the household dollars and brands continue to try to meet their wants. This report requires a various appear at Moms than the current buzz in the market place. It focuses on the fundamentals of Moms like marketplace size, adjustments in demographics and specifics around who is and will turn into a Mom in the near and distant future.

The report is divided into two components: The Market place Fundamentals and The Market Opportunities. Within the fundamentals you will recognize the facts about Moms and kids. You will also get to know Mom greater by hunting at the different ‘stages’ she goes via as a mother of kids at varying ages. In addition, you will step inside her thoughts to realize not how she is making use of her cell telephone or how much time she spends on the internet, but what she worries about and/or what motivates her.

The second portion of the report requires macro trends and applies them to the Mom Industry and explores the resulting micro trends. Highlighting the most influential shifts in the U.S.: Finances, Ethnicity, Eco-Awareness and Technologies, the report is filled with distinct insights, implications and examples of possibilities for brands.

Inside each chapter the report involves insights and implications so that after you put the report down you will have ideas, plans and actions in thoughts. Featured within the chapters are both secondary investigation and major research done exclusively for the report. Highlights include a appear at brand attribute importance by Moms vs. females overall and by Moms across distinct ethnic groups. Additionally, commentary on new merchandise in the market coming directly from Moms is included for understanding and distillation.

The report is 100 pages long, consists of more than 40 charts and tables from the CDC, The Census Bureau, the Pew Research Center, Silver Stork Study and other people. One highlight of the report is a number of word clouds which illustrate straight what Moms have to say … word for word.

The report was written for Packaged Details by Silver Stork Research, the author of numerous reports on the U.S. Mom Market.