two signature electrical air-conditioning maintenance


Tomorrow we enter 2011, in which I wish you a Satisfied New Year. If the countdown at Times Square this evening to prepare, no matter whether there is a good decision to open menu? The current emergence of a gooseneck Bridge Constructing Electrical Food crown the new King, stationed in the two signature ??restaurants in Taiwan and a pot of chicken solution Ginza bass for a extended time, outstanding cuisine and great background. Go to Times Square from the restaurant, just a few minutes stroll following a meal last quite convenient. But meals good quality is consistent, the provide of seafood to make the senior, for instance, political level, the tuna tow Luo, deep-sea fish pond, the exact same expensive price tag yellowtail fish, crabs have been regarded as popular and reliable air-conditioning repair colour.

Numerous sectors, the signs of miscellaneous consumer durable air-conditioning repair, sales improved the most, compared with 82.six% larger than final November, electrical ??goods and photographic equipment increased by 35.9% in volume, jewelry, watches, beneficial gifts, and footwear , allied items and other clothes accessories also increased about two into the half. Census and Statistics Division released data this year, in October the worth of total retail sales revised estimate of 278 million, representing an increase of 21.eight% in October, up 19.7% in volume. In the initial 11 months the worth of total retail sales elevated by 18.two%, total retail sales volume rose 15.5%.

If the public in future to install air-conditioning at residence or drying racks brackets and other tiny electrical sign projects, want to employ certified contractors, or is an offense. Deputy Director of Buildings Linshao Tang mentioned the present regulations will exempt element of the project included within the project, but due to “Tong space” issues affecting the structural security of buildings, the future will be to take into account all “Tang space” into the minor performs control program. For the business reflected the slow approval of the license, called for legislation to establish a grace period. Linshao Tang replied that the Department Zao set up final year to begin the registration period for the market, there is sufficient time for practitioners registered, will not be any delay in the legislation and deploy more staff to deal with the Department Jianghui approval, so that practitioners Jinkuai obtain a license. He admitted that the early implementation of the legislation, the industry would inevitably feel at a loss, so the initial half of subsequent year, the Division, if there is any slight air-conditioning upkeep ????violations, but does not involve any developing or trigger any significant safety incidents will be deemed individually loose remedy.