Two Ottawa Private Schools Offer Girls-Only Education


Single gender class rooms are on the rise in Ottawa and study proves there are true advantages to this atmosphere for our girls. Studies prove over and over once more that girls in single-sex schools carry out far better than girls in co-ed schools, regardless of socio-economic and potential levels.

There are only two Ottawa private schools that offer an all girls finding out environment. A single is Joan of Arc Academy, situated in Ottawa’s west end. The other, Elmwood is located in Rockcliff Park.

Even though each schools supply an all girls atmosphere there are a quantity of variations you should be aware of prior to going to the schools.

First, Joan of Arc Academy delivers a fully bilingual program from Junior Kindergarten thru to Grade eight. This Bilingual method is distinct from French immersion. At Joan of Arc the students are taught half of their day in French and the other half in English. Science, English and Math are usually taught in English, even though social sciences are taught in French. The aim of the college is to have students with strong skills in each official languages. This commitment to a fully bilingual education is a key attraction for each Anglophone and francophone households.

Elmwood offers an English only plan from JK thru to Grade 12.

Joan of Arc Academy, when identified as La Maison Jeanne d’Arc was founded in 1954 in Ottawa’s Westboro community. Because 2002, the college has been situated in Ottawa’s west end, which has permitted them to expand their system and improve their student population.

Elmwood has been educating girls since 1915. Their tuition is approximately 18,000.

Joan of Arc’s tuition is around $ 12,000 a year.

Both of these Ottawa private schools are dedicated to delivering girls with an enriched curriculum, to challenge their students each day and to encourage their creativity, even though attaining a solid mastery of essential information.

If you are contemplating one of these all-girls’ schools make positive to pay a visit to every school a quantity of times. As soon as the application process in underway your daughter will be invited to pay a visit to the college and to participate in the classroom for a day to see how she fits in with the rest of the class. Remember to apply early as each schools have very limited class sizes, frequently with a waiting list.