Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

Treatment abroad: in which countries and what are the Russians treated

Treatment abroad: in which countries and what are the Russians treated

For treatment abroad, as a rule, they go for better medical services and high service, as well as for a second opinion, experts say. Foreign treatment is chosen with rare diseases – people go abroad, simply because there are no specialized specialists in Russia or very few of them.

Often a trip abroad becomes the last chance for the patient – when all methods have already been tried in his country. The choice in favor of overseas treatment is often done when there is a large queue for examination or surgery, and there is no time to wait. According to the Russian Association of Medical Tourism (AOMMT), in 2016 more than 90,000 people left for treatment abroad. In the past year, this number has increased by almost a third.

More people did not go abroad

Experts themselves do not note any serious changes regarding the number of Russians who choose foreign treatment. At the same time, the reasons why they fly abroad are changing.

Over the past five to eight years, there have been no big changes, says MedRise’s CEO Julia Odintsova. However, some addiction to the idea that medicine has to be paid, as well as to the size of future costs, can be traced.

“Previously, a large number of patients applied after all the circles of hell passed through the house: after having tried many of the possibilities and without receiving help, they decided to seek help from foreign doctors. Already at another stage, perhaps in a more neglected state. Now there is a tendency, when some people decide on a trip as soon as the problem is discovered. In this, perhaps, the difference, “- says Yulia Odintsova.

In the company “Treatment abroad” also do not notice any serious changes. “The number of such trips can not change much, because for their substantial growth there is a serious price limit, and there is no reason to reduce the demand for treatment abroad.”

In addition, the world market of medical tourism is growing, people themselves have become easier to treat treatment in other countries. Therefore, interest in this area is not reduced. We expect a slow but growing number of trips for treatment, “says Galina Dronova, director of UCMS Treatment abroad.

However, she said, the medical reasons for which people are going to be treated abroad have changed. If earlier there were many trips to general preventive check-ups, which is an average of about two thousand euros per person, now such trips have become much less.

“People save on health prevention. And this is the most significant trend in recent years. But the number of calls from people with complex, severe and rare diseases increases, and the price of their treatment is usually high, “- says Galina Dronova.

Julia Odintsova, on the contrary, notes an increase in the number of requests for examination abroad. The vast majority of requests, she said, is associated with the treatment and examination of cancer, ophthalmology and neurosurgery, and added gastroenterology, pediatrics and rare diseases, she says.

Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

According to TopMedKlinik, in the past few years, the number of Russians traveling abroad has decreased by about a third. “For example, an average of 90 inquiries are received monthly, of which 12-15 patients actually go to treatment. Most often they are treated with questions of oncology, cardiosurgery and endoprosthetics. Diagnosis is now not so relevant, “- says TopMedKlinik’s director Victoria Sandalyuk.

To reduce the flow of Russians, in her opinion, influenced several factors – a decrease in the solvency of the population, the weakening of the ruble and the imposition of sanctions.

About reduction of number of the Russians who go on treatment abroad, earlier declared and in Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. For example, in Israel and Germany, which are the most popular countries among Russians, the flow of patients decreased by 60% and 30%, respectively.

At the same time, the number of foreigners who come to Russia for treatment is growing, said Veronika Skvortsova. So, according to her, in 2017 the number of foreigners coming to Russia for treatment has quadrupled. This is about 110 thousand people. The most popular destinations for foreigners are dentists, IVF, endoprosthetics and ophthalmology.

Budgets and prices

As for the budget, which Russians are willing to spend on foreign treatment, it is difficult to bring out some average value, experts say. There is too much variation in countries, prices, and what the patients themselves want. One needs a “second opinion”, the second needs rehabilitation, the third – an accurate diagnosis or a complicated high-tech operation.

Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

For example, according to TopMedKlinik information, removal of a brain tumor in Germany will cost from 18 thousand euros, in Spain – from 16 thousand euros, in Turkey – 14 thousand euros, in South Korea – from 15 thousand euros.

On average, Russians are willing to spend about two million rubles on treatment abroad. This amount has not changed in the past few years, says Victoria Sandaluk. According to MedRise, the average check for the last time has not changed and is 15-25 thousand euros (1.1-1.8 million rubles).

“However, due to currency jumps in terms of euros or dollars, this amount has seriously decreased. This led to the fact that many patients began to look for an alternative in clinics in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Undoubtedly, there are medical services that can be obtained only abroad, but about 90% of medical services Russian clinics now cover themselves, “said Victoria Sandaluk.

As a rule, in foreign clinics prices for medical services for foreigners are 10% higher than for the local population. However, you can not rely only on the starting price, because sometimes there may be large additional costs (for example, staying in the clinic will be longer).

“In Germany, they always take a deposit to the settlement account of the clinic, which they return at the end of the operation. But if something needs to be done, they know that they can cover these manipulations, “says Victoria Sandaluk.

The cost of services can vary from country to country and vary considerably even within the same city. This is the case, for example, in Germany.

“Different prices for the same treatment will be in the university multidisciplinary clinic and in a private clinic. Of course, the highest prices will be in private clinics in Switzerland, while in university clinics, for example, in northern Germany, prices are significantly lower, “explains Galina Dronova.


The most popular countries for treatment for many years, the Russians remain Israel and Germany. Also popular are Switzerland, Austria and France. Recently, Russians have made their choice more often in favor of Turkey, Spain and Italy.

Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

According to AOMMT, for 10 months of last year, Israel and Germany were visited by 23 and 18 thousand Russians, respectively. The main directions are oncology, cardiosurgery, orthopedics.

At the AOMMT, there is a sharp increase in the flow of Russian patients going to Turkey for treatment. One of the reasons is more affordable treatment, on average 30-50% cheaper than Germany and Israel. In India, Thailand, South Korea and China, for example, left over 30 thousand people.

The popularity of countries for treatment is determined by a combination of several factors, experts explain. This trust, reputation, high level of professionalism of doctors and clinics themselves, service and cost of treatment.

Germany, Austria, Finland, Switzerland and Israel are best suited to the needs of Russians, said the director of UCMS Treatment abroad. The doctors recognized in the international medical community work here, a high level of service for receiving foreign patients is established. That is, doctors and clinics are ready to work with foreign patients (for this purpose there is all infrastructure, a low language barrier – professional translators work with foreign patients). And this is important.

In addition, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Greece, the Baltic countries are now actively entering the market. But the ratio of the determining factors here is different. Somewhere the organization suffers, somewhere a high level of the language barrier. Although at a price these countries are more accessible to Russians, except for South Korea. The popularity of China is not so great – there is a specific treatment.

Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

The patient himself, as a rule, can only ask about Israel or Germany. In the Russian regions, for example, only these two countries are considered, says the director of TopMedKlinik.

“We once held an event in Rostov, and the local residents had an agiotage at Israeli clinics. And the Spanish clinic, which was at times more budgetary, and the level was not inferior to the Israeli, the demand was minimal. Regions in this regard are conservative and practically not open to new countries, “she notes.

There are certain subjects who choose other directions. For example, if we look at the North Caucasus, they will prefer Turkey. Residents of the Far East will fly to South Korea. The clinics there at a price will be comparable to the German, but much closer.

In terms of preferences of countries, the picture is different in Moscow and St. Petersburg. For example, residents of the northern capital, in addition to the usual Germany, often go to the treatment in neighboring Finland, the Baltic states. In Moscow, the market went well Spain.

What and where to treat

With serious diseases – oncological or diseases requiring high-tech treatment, such as endoprosthetics, robotic surgery, nuclear medicine, Russians go to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, the director of “UTSMS Treatment abroad” tells.

Treatment abroad in which countries and what are the Russians treated

Often, Turkey or Greece are the choice for a trip related to recreation. At the same time, people are ready to undergo a survey or go to a consultation with a local specialist.

In Turkey, for example, do a lot of hair transplant operations. In addition, here are treated oncological diseases – many high-quality medical clinics and prices are lower than European ones. Most often, Turkey is chosen by the inhabitants of the North Caucasus.

“Spain, for example, is the main place in the European Union, where the donor cornea of ??the eye is stored. Therefore, Spain has the largest number of operations in ophthalmology, and it is the leader in this niche. Italy is the European favorite in cardiac surgery, “says Victoria Sandaluk.

In the Baltics there is a good rehabilitation, no worse than in other European countries, but lower in price every five. This treatment of cerebral palsy, musculoskeletal diseases, there is also thermal water.

In general, from the point of view of medical tourism it is difficult to talk about fashion or trend in directions. Each request is very individual, therefore it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors, experts say.

In this case, patients themselves should understand that there are no magical clinics abroad that will instantly cure them. First of all, not a specific clinic treats, but a doctor. Therefore, the professionalism of doctors is more important here.

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