Transphenomenal Aspects of Existence


Mystical literature has extended converged upon and catalogued a complicated and multi-tiered reality that contains not only the phenomenal but the transphenomenal elements of existence.  This hierarchical model of reality starts exactly where mechanistic science remains.  As previously discussed, there is a paradigmatic attachment to a Newtonian-Cartesian worldview in spite of the empirically astute new physics.  This worldview recognizes only the gross experiential realm, the land of consensus reality and waking life.  Here, the limits of the sensory organs are the limits of existence.  The only epistemologically right derivation of data is from the physical body and physical atmosphere.  The transphenomenal is not only ignored, but denied its existence altogether.

In the gross experiential realm, time is linear.  While this view permits room for tips such as karma, it cannot accommodate cyclical or non-linear perspectives of time as expounded in the perennial philosophies. But men and women all more than the planet continue to encounter the acausal connecting principle Carl Jung termed synchronicity.  Quantum physics is exploring a facet of subatomic reality called quantum entanglement in which a nonlocal connection calls for a transfer of information immediately with no passage of time, by means of the existence of tachyons or teleportation.  The theory of relativity proves the full elasticity of time and space.  These advancements in psychology and science assistance the existence of transphenomenal aspects of existence as identified in the archives of mystical literature.  These transphenomenal realms include the decrease and larger subtle levels, the decrease and greater causal levels, and the ultimate or absolute level.

The decrease subtle level consists of the usually proclaimed experiences of out-of-body and astral travel.  It involves the psychic phenomena such as precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, visualizing auras, and so on.  Here are the empathic identification experiences of embryonic, ancestral, racial, group, historical, cosmogenic, and other transbiographical categories.  This is an extension of the psyche into the transpersonal realms beyond the usual parameters of the body, ego, space, and time.  The greater subtle level is beyond an extension of the self it is the realm of encounters with other high beings.  Archetypal deities, spiritual guides, and supreme agents are the sorts of presences encountered right here.  This level includes experiences such as genuine channeling, divine inspiration, visions of light and audible illuminations, such as celestial cities and angelic music.

The reduce causal level is the direct encounter with the final God, not a go to by one particular of its metaphorical elements or avatars, but the creator of all person deities.  It is not necessarily anthropomorphic, but may be the synesthetic seed syllable ‘om,’ the cosmic egg of the huge bang, and so forth.  In Hinduism and Buddhism, this realm is recognized as savikalpa samadhi, an advanced state of meditation.  The higher causal level is meditatively identified as nirvikalpa samadhi, in which even this final God is either transcended or assimilated.  There is an encounter of a boundless, egoless, energetic radiance, recognized as moksha in Hinduism, where the individual atman is united with Brahman.

Beyond these levels remains the ultimate or Absolute.  This is nirvana, an extinguishing of any sense of self or expertise at all.  It is anatman, the sudden insight into sunyata.  It is empty of every thing.  This is consciousness’ encounter with its original condition: suchness.

These are the transphenomenal elements of existence derived from a comparative study of mystical literature across the ages.  They emerge effortlessly from the timeless perennial philosophies, and are becoming increasingly supported by the new sciences.  This cartography of existence encompasses all from the bottom up the great chain of becoming all the way to the supply of all things, and beyond…