Trading Firm Electrical “appliances Hksar” To Market Climaxed



Electrical trading business launched the “Wind appliances will be”


Activities, stocked with many “client care SAR” to “crazy” as important words, the attempt to market the National Day climaxed.

This occasion with “ten Home ceremony crazy to send,” “grand prize crazy pumping” and run through. Where the major trading company in the 5 electrical


Spending 300? 50,000 yuan, will get seven holes have been, luxury 29


, Microwave, mini-






And other gifts. Meanwhile, the single-vote spending of 1,600 yuan may also participate in 3 lucky draw, the winning price of 100 %.

Air conditioning

, Refrigerator, washing machine, modest appliances,


, Cinema, disc players, digital,


, Photo by photo machines and other goods, also based on these additional efforts to introduce a range of strong promotional activities. For buyers to obtain different sorts of household appliances, electric trading business launched three major concern for the SAR, the National Day gift to make even far more crazy.

SAR 1: refrigerator, washing machine, modest appliances

Purchase refrigerator,

Washing machine

Modest appliances you can participate in “My Chinese Star” and “Gold VIP channel” and other activities. Free “discount coupon China Star” direct discount, choose “China Star” with each other with cash on the spot cash. Into the “Gold VIP access” the highest return is two,500 yuan. Consumption quantity can be accumulated to purchase the far more return is greater.

SAR two: colour Television, CD,

Residence Theater

Buy color Tv, CD, residence theater can participate in “Color Tv crazy back”, “cinema sets of machine crazy down”, “washer crazy massive run,” and other activities. Television from 8000 to 50,000 yuan to purchase the highest return is 1888 yuan, the highest buy vouchers theater sets machine back to 1800 yuan, the highest share disc players are now back to 500.

SAR three:


, Digital, pc

Obtain mobile phones, digital, computer systems can participate in the “mobile phone cash-crazy pumping”, “crazy discount digital goods”, “Laptop Crazy Song” and other activities. Buy a mobile phone can participate in ten draw, 8.eight fold to acquire digital goods, buy camera according to the highest lottery machine 200, and the activities of the winning rate of much more than 100%. Buy of computers sending their 128M USB or 48-megapixel camera.


Hold higher the “integrity and professionalism” battle

Trading businesses continue to re-one hundred electrical appliances, the new century, launched by air-conditioned department retailers, “Star Wars-season action.” Million air-conditioning special machine operating “trading business line” all


. Launched the “acquire-season conditioning crazy” activities can be taken scratch cards to get air conditioning winning prize funds from ranging from ten to 4,999 yuan, the winning rate of one hundred percent.

Trading Firm Electric also promised that consumers buy ice in the wash, air conditioning, little appliances, Tv, if located in other retailers the very same


, Decrease commodity rates, the exact same model can be the distinction amongst compensation and transportation charges 200 yuan.

Basic Manager James Chung stated, has 55 years skilled


Electrical trading business history, will often stick with the “specialist” and “excellent faith” two weapon and win the Golden Week. Trading firms will be strongly resisted customer electrical traps and false


In a strong way to our consumers.