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tags In June this year, China’s toy beneath the pressure from residence and abroad. In mid-June, exports of toys Leader, detect excessive lead content in paint. Early August, Mattel announced the recall since of design defects made in China practically 19 million toys. Concerned about the toys in our export products, domestic market place bustling, imitation guns, playing a trick toy, “RMB toys” endless. The domestic toy market place with hundreds of billion of this marketplace has however to customer space, specialist gatekeepers, there has been chaos.

Toy Marketplace: Chaos Story Lanzhou recently popular “coin ring,” has turn out to be the very first decision for young fashion.

“Coin rings, one particular dollar one.” October 26, in the West off the quantity of underground tunnels close to the rough a small, so little to spread no much less than ten, and every to Tanqian are packed with young folks who come to purchase. “It’s all built with a coin to make certain that does not fade or rust. Style quite ah!” Said one particular stall holders.

Stayed in the booth much less than 20 minutes, there are much more than ten pieces of “rings” had been sold. Most purchasers feel that this coin rings are low cost, and really exciting, “tired of a couple of days, do not throw distressed” even far more individuals out “to make a great 1st” mentality: “coin jewelry” in material is RMB itself with “wealth” means, put on this jewelry, both a symbol of wealth flowing, but also saved a little fortune in fees.

In June this year, or use the RMB to do to attract students by the head of the “RMB toys”, let Jincheng young children had enough of the “rich” addiction. This from the “Children’s Bank” printed “play income” and the yuan is really related, the only distinction is that the RMB on the image is replaced by Altman, Mickey Mouse, Hulu infant, Batman and other cartoon characters.

Survey of the Lanzhou City, the wholesale markets, toy stores, saw a range of new toys. In these areas, not only found the RMB toys, there are especially well-known with young people and the Tricky toys and imitation guns. Toys staggering variety, such as “Urine Doll”, “itching powder”, “Broken Glass”, “false Cola”, “mirror” and so on. In the “pee infant” toys introduction to read: Even even though the doll stunning, beautiful, but accidentally, it will make you dirty by means of the whole physique and “itching powder” If you sprinkle on the body, then the unbearable “Luminous finger” in the luminous irradiation, appears a lengthy fingernails painted red giant hand, continuously shaking in the dark nevertheless quite vivid image of the “Diaosi Gui”, “decapitated ghost,” “Ghost Mask” “skull mask”, “ghost gloves”, “off hand” and so on. Most of these toys do not “instructions” did not indicate the manufacturer, notes, etc., prices from a handful of dollars to tens of dollars on the hundred dollars.

Behind the popular option toys A good tiny plastic bags have been sealed, packaging, there is no Chinese explanation, which equivalent with ordinary tablets capsules, as extended as the “capsule” bite, even with the saliva flow from the mouth, close your eyes, you can scare people??? This is a lot like some of the children’s “Xuepao tablets.”

Like this “toy” has been well-liked amongst primary and secondary students, numerous of the students eager to purchase all types of strange shapes, strange characteristics toys, some toys are complete of terror, violence and composition, reading scary. “The much more bizarre, the a lot more ugly, a lot more terror toys can attract students, so often the better sales.” A toy store owner stated.

“When I was a student revealed he had 100 thousand yuan, I was shocked, the last to know, this is just a toy similar to the yuan. The students get” RMB Toys “followed by Chuaizhuo As the RMB actual happy. kids acquire ‘RMB Toys’ comparisons to every single other to see who the ‘money’ and a lot more, but its not just a toy, simply because these items can be in the child’s planet as a currency to use, this is a What a terrible factor parts. income and wealth for the youngsters currently have a wrong understanding. “Chengguan experimental college teacher worried that horse.

“Contemporary social life, the rhythm of perform and study very tight, competitive pressure, specially young individuals, know really small for the outdoors globe, can not handle the pressures that exist in life, they More often need to have time to loosen up, need to have amused, in need of psychological adjustment, or even need to ‘boost’, and the emergence of the terrorist toys to satisfy their psychological requirements. “Lanzhou City College Professor Yu Ziqi mentioned.