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tags The world’s largest IPv6 Test Network CNGI constructed in China, China has successfully taken to the future

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Education Network test initial, the business network to maintain up a steady low-danger path. Education Network’s development has gained a lot of network construction, maintenance and promotion of development is worth learning expertise operator.

Relative abundance of IPv6 applications Education Network

China’s IPv4 backward reflected in the late start, two aspects of a small address space, since these two troubles, a direct outcome of China’s dynamic IP address assignment, the network inside the network characteristics in basic. The new IPv6, China has constructed the world’s largest physical network, China has been successfully completed by the trends change initiative.

“Bigger more quickly and much more Safety “Wu Jianping, director of the Committee of Professionals is CERNET IPv6 networks often described as a sentence.” Greater “implies higher address variety,” faster “means a communication faster,” a lot more security “is itself a lot more secure network access, education Network has been moving in this path. In the address, it is now China’s IPv6 address IPv4 section of the application time has a relatively excellent modify. in terms of speed, CNGI speed trunk lines of communication have been adopted 10G links to major cities. in terms of safety, variety of supply address authentication, trust

Model Virus worm research conducted in the constructive.

In accordance with the Tsinghua University CNGI specialist mentioned: “China’s CNGI has put up a communications bridge, but now take the few men and women in this bridge.” Fairly CNGI network operators, education networks much more well-known CNGI higher. A selection of security, trust and P2P study is being performed orderly, different

College IPv6 mainstream application forms have been supplied

Service . BBS is the hottest college application, only Tsinghua Mizuki, the typical number of a lot more than 10,000 on the internet, and now all universities have to provide IPv6 BBS access. Presently all mainstream BBS client can assistance, use of IPv6 on the BBS, not only rapidly, but will not be the peak of the slow network issue. IPv6-primarily based Tsinghua University Network Center BBS authentication method, users can automatically login method authentication, users no longer have to enter a password every single time you log all.

Internet site is also generally used college application, at present, all university portals, information internet internet site

Workplace Library Web website and the basic approach can supply IPv6 access. Interoperability in this way for some poor northwestern university info access new channels, by way of the IPv6 can quickly access data on these schools, for some

Student Access to data and employment applications are offered for convenience.

In IPv6 new company, currently at the research stage, in which the safety of the majority. As the massive IPv6 address space, address allocation method is decentralized, avoiding network scanning and active attacks, whilst some address assignment by way of binding capacity, to simplify the validation procedure, hence making a safer, a lot more efficient CNGI network.