TomTom to Generate Software program and Hardware For Apple iPhone


The Wall Street Journal today, June 10, 2009, reports that TomTom will be producing navigation computer software and a vehicle kit for the Apple iPhone. The software will be offered from Apple’s iTunes App Retailer.  This announcement caused a 17% enhance in TomTom shares. TomTom is a Netherlands based company. Apparently, investors saw this as an opportunity for TomTom to improve its sales against the category leader Garmin.

Even so, to me this brings about yet another problem. First, you have to acquire the navigation computer software for the iPhone and then if you want to use it in the car exactly where it can be charged while in use, you must get the hardware kit. Who has observed anything that is developed for the iPhone getting that low cost? Especially since You have two companies here that have to make profit from it as it is a collaborative effort. Also, the article doesn’t say no matter whether computer software will perform on the new 3g s phones that Apple announced this week.

OK, what’s my point with all this? Wouldn’t it be less costly to obtain a devoted GPS navigation program for the auto? I really feel that GPS navigation systems for phones are not as efficient and not  as effortless to use as these in a transportable GPS unit. They also, do not have all the options that a Gamin GPS would have. There’s a safety aspect also. I don’t see the Apple’s screen becoming as visible in the car as a portable GPS. I guess it depends on exactly where you mount it. Phone navigation systems have never impressed me.

I know that this announcement moves the iPhone one step closer to getting the “everything” telephone. This is the precise position that Apple and ATT want. But,  I never see where it will be quite handy in a car to have to mount your iPhone, watch your iPhone and answer your iPhone in the vehicle. I never see a lot of good results in earnings for this computer software/hardware collaboration, but I have been wrong before. These items are due to be launched this summer. No particular date was offered.