To Generate “humanized” The Development Trend Of The Kitchen Cabinets


Recognize the kitchen knows that, Cupboard Quality of life, use of comfort depends largely on the cabinet configuration Hardware . Even although the kitchen hardware generally hidden in the cupboard, the pressure in the chest, look extremely considerably, in reality, they are a prepared but the kitchen leaves an critical supporting function, not great good quality kitchen hardware, residence kitchen, but will repeat Sancha Five seek “strike”. As a result, those in higher-end cabinet brand quite seriously and operate difficult in the hardware, not only in the hinge, drawer hardware, on the basis of the internationally recognized brands, but also with the top hardware brand Cooperation , Constantly revolutionary hardware configurations utilised the kitchen to aid create a far more intimate, personalized and practical kitchen.

Servo drawer, kitchen obedient “servant”

In Home Store, I type in Double Xikemande Kitchen Museum and located, an internationally renowned Blum hardware brands (Blum) has just launched the new SERVO-DRIVE Servo open the drawer, has been applied to the brand new model in the cupboard. Saw retailer Sell Legs light touch with no employees Handle Door, drawer automatically opens, then lightly touched, it automatically closed, no want for a hand to pull the drawer. This presentation to the staff subsequent consumer is interested in experience have stepped forward, after the experience, clients were exclaiming: “Now the kitchen is truly more advanced configuration, and the kitchen is also more handy, more and much more kitchen equipment such as automatic configuration, the cooking will be quite light and entertaining, may be more and far more individuals will love the kitchen. “Yes, think about that, when their own cooking in the kitchen, take things to be taken When no longer have to bend down with dirty hands to pull the drawer, only lightly touched with his knees, filled with drawers can be “obedient” to pop up, then gently touched, it ” obedient “to hide, this feeling a lot more comfortable! but why the light touch the drawer will automatically open it? retailer sales personnel to clarify that the original of these drawers are equipped with electric transmission, it is in electric transmission device will ease the help of the drawer to open. Meanwhile, the sales staff also quipped: “This is the application of a newly developed servo Blum open system, was called ‘servo’, on the one hand is the ‘SERVO’ of transliteration, on the other hand it is said that the same as the servant wait on you, for you service. “

Human hardware fittings, cabinet new trend of future improvement

Double Sickmann Marketing and advertising Director Mr. Yang Ze introduction to the author that, as the servo-drawer hardware configuration of such humanity, has been applied quite widely in foreign nations. From the “Inter Milan Exhibition”, we can see that. But in China, due to the fairly backward economy and customer attitudes, is nonetheless in its infancy. Several users even if the kitchen quite seriously, may nonetheless underestimate the choice of cabinet hardware. Consequently, these high-priced sophisticated hardware configuration is not adequate to uncover “useless.” But Yang always thought that this is only a matter of time, as China’s economic improvement and consumption of suggestions and progress, far more and a lot more users will be willing to configure the hardware elements of a related nature, to enhance the use of kitchen facilities and comfort. Servo open the drawer of such wealthy human hardware accessories, cabinet business in China will be the development of the next new trend, so that future use of the kitchen less difficult, more dynamic and much more interesting.