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“When coverage 3C goods” as the theme for the Beijing commence appliance “TM” carried a report, which has aroused great consideration. Appliances “TM” policy implementation has been half a month by the Beijing the public normally welcomed, but also achieved good benefits. Nevertheless, the “TM” policy on how to properly boost the flexibility, ought to further expand the range of goods, a focus of media attention.

This, Peking University Individuals Management Investigation Center Deputy Director, researcher Yan Yu told reporters, stressed that appliance “TM” for the government is a brand new perform, involving thousands of households, more with recycling, dismantling,


, Subsidies and other areas, coordination of interests tough to operate to implement the predicament far more complex and needs trial and error in practice, for that reason, also not also a lot of in the field of radiation. For a wide range of sizes of the 3C


Items, the far more necessary in the “TM” mechanism to mature a gradual manner.

Yan rain of that appliance “TM” was all the rage a handful of years ago.

Robust emission water heaters

Universal application of this approach time, gave a fantastic increase “unlimited gas water heater” replacement. Then


, Microwave ovens, air conditioners, refrigerators and so on to comply with suit, house appliances, “TM” eventually evolved into a firms advertising strategy. Preceding appliance “TM” is normally taken residence appliance companies and property appliance recycling waste in the type of company cooperation, the government via the issuance of policies and guidelines to vigorously market the practice is the initial time. Government intervention and help to guarantee the policy’s fair, open and transparent, but also facilitate the coordination of all relevant groups in the distribution of benefits.

Discovered that the “TM” on policy is primarily to stimulate domestic demand, market


The establishment of emission reduction of circular economy. It is one more foothold should be revitalized domestic appliances excess capacity to address provide and demand imbalance. As a result, policies want to enhance the standard of living combined with the grassroots individuals to establish the necessary variety of merchandise. Primarily based on the above points into account, in the pilot phase locked


Machines, refrigerators (such as freezers), washing machines, air conditioners and computers, sturdy, bigger items.

Even so, the speed of fast digital items are becoming


One particular of the main sources of waste. Mobile phone, for example, Ministry of Sector and Details Technology announced the 1st half of 2009, operating circumstances show that the communications industry, our mobile telephone penetration price has reached 52.five%. Mobile telephone ownership in the complete society surge, and, as new technologies become much more sophisticated, smart phones will be in appearance and function to obtain greater breakthroughs in a large quantity of ordinary phone is out. Developed a big quantity of old mobile phones each and every year include lead, mercury and other harmful substances, if recycled correctly, will bring critical pollution to the environment. Hence, although some digital merchandise to boost the living circumstances of folks not but grow to be the staple necessities, but the relevant policies and must not be turned away.

Yanyu Jiang stressed, due to the recycling of waste components business chain is not but mature, and most of the waste residence appliances and digital items into the non-formal channels, not only the breeding ground for unscrupulous traders to the renovation of abandoned goods and then selling acts, a big quantity of e-waste also seriously polluted the ecological atmosphere in China. To fundamentally alter the predicament, in addition to long-term implementation of the “TM” policy, the need to establish clear, convenient recycling channel sound recycling and reuse business chain, such as offering recycling services to specialist property set standard evaluation technique, a unified treatment institutions. In addition, the development of digital products and home appliances production starting from the industry, starting from the consumer demand, rather than the blind pursuit of purely technical and inventive, so as to keep away from waste of resources.