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tags Hui Cong HVAC Network New Tianjin Eco-city Investment Improvement Co., Ltd (eco-city joint-venture firm) and one particular of Malaysia’s top home developer Sunway City Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, which will invest about 9. billion eco-city.

The same or yesterday, eco-city joint venture signed a 3 industrial land agreement to Binhai New Location of Ecological Science Park and the eco-industrial park to attract 10 billion investment.

The very same day, the new Tianjin Eco-city attracted a total of 10 billion yuan of investment projects produced significant progress in the investment.

To develop China’s 1st Broadwood neighborhood
“What is ‘live music’? A kind of consideration Atmosphere And well being, advocating a sustainable life style. This is not just a hassle-free transportation and livable communities, will turn out to be a dynamic collection of live music idea, spirit and music live music reside life as 1 of the customer marketplace. “This is the vivid 9. billion project set.

Eco-city joint venture with Sunway City Co., Ltd. will join forces in Tianjin Eco-city to develop new capacity of practically five,000 households with a total area of over 700,000 square meters of live music neighborhood. According to reports, the two sides to generate a music neighborhood now reside in the country is the very first case. The project contains high-end waterfront villas, garden, higher-rise apartments, industrial street, schools and neighborhood centers. It is worth mentioning that the traits of the neighborhood center will be pushing a healthful, sustainable lifestyles, such as organic crops appropriate for the growth of hydroponic garden and greenhouse, green spa, yoga, Pilates (an aerobics) and Tai Chi exercise platform and Youth Park.

In addition, the neighborhood ecology of this project will serve as a platform for revolutionary ecological ideas, will the everyday lives of residents and green space, the family and working closely linked, future residents will be in a position to stroll through the complete eco-deck Broadwood Village . Eco-style platform will also promote Chinese society, “distant neighbor is far better than” the traditional notion of life, the daily life of every single resident in harmony with the neighborhood collectively.

In the project, element of enterprise development and eco-city light rail station next to a third closely linked, in order to generate a comfy, handy consumer destination. Industrial facilities will be healthy for the core, such as sports facilities, and connected merchandise, reside music retail.

Tianjin Eco-city in New Investment and Development Firm president Wu Tsai Wen stated: “Broadwood as a new way of life trends, is the gradual formation of the Chinese consumer market and the globe, although living life to the music selection is also mapping out the new the significance of Tianjin Eco-city. “

Learned that the project consists of a total location of more than 600,000 square meters of residential projects and practically one hundred,000 square meters of commercial projects. From the very first quarter of 2011, divided into 3 stages of development, the project improvement will be completed by 2015.

Project notion design through sustainable organizing, use of eco-options and technologies to meet the new Tianjin Eco-city Green Constructing Evaluation criteria (GBES) Gold rating, a lot more importantly, the project will emphasize the significance of ecological maintenance, the whole project will be ongoing maintenance, to make certain sustainable long to keep the ideal shape.

Sunway City Sunway Holdings Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Malaysia is also one particular of Malaysia’s top house developers.

Low carbon buildings Power Systems, medical base 3 arrows shot Tianjin Development Holdings Limited
housing, Keppel area Heating Cooling Sdn Bhd, the new Lotus Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. Sichuan, 3 in the future eco-city investment will attain ten million.

As a single of the biggest ecological construction components, Tianjin Development Holdings Restricted housing will be built in low-carbon eco-technology park, low power consumption of green developing. The project not only as the country’s first extensive study of residential institutions and the Tianjin Science and Technologies Analysis Institute’s headquarters in residential, residential group in Tianjin will turn into green creating materials, residential parts and new technology development and integration, testing and certification, technical advisory solutions headquarters.

Keppel District Heating Cooling Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of Keppel Integrated Engineering, science and technology park improvement plans in the ecological district heating cooling method. This investment is anticipated to be eco-technologies park for the future investors bring massive quantities of heating cooling and energy consumption savings.

New Lotus Chinese Herbal Medicine Co., Ltd. Sichuan plans to invest about 500 million yuan, mostly for construction of export production and processing base of Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Medicine in North China East China a distribution center, classic Chinese medicine by means of E-commerce Platform, Chinese Herbal Medicine Processing Joint Research Center of the State where the R &amp D base. By then, the production of Chinese Herbal Medicine will be direct to the East China North China and the country’s major hospitals, although exports to Southeast Asia to open logistics distribution channel.

Attract international strategy Cooperation Partner Yesterday, eco-city joint-venture company with the other 3 top science and technology in the eco-enterprises to accomplish strategic cooperation, for the ecological future of the city lay a strong foundation for economic development. The eco-city cooperation for development, testing and development of eco-technology solutions.

In the Eco-city joint venture with Hitachi (Hitachi) signed a memorandum of understanding, the Hitachi as a strategic technology partner, will test and create eco-city House Power systems, electric vehicle charging management technique, constructing power management systems, neighborhood power management systems, smart grid, etc. Environmental protection Building technology based city.

Canada, as the curtain Wei (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has also turn out to be an ecological city yesterday in the field of strategic technology companion, the firm is committed to developing higher-performance energy effective glass curtain wall program. The organization in the future China will set up regional headquarters in Singapore Tianjin Eco-city. Its China headquarters will be accountable for advertising, sales, R &amp D systems, solar glass curtain wall merchandise, and joint venture firm to develop eco-city zero-energy buildings. This creating will serve as Canada Centre, to demonstrate Canada’s green developing technologies and solutions, sturdy strength, although positioned in the Canadian eco-solution partners to provide one particular-stop service.

Yesterday signed the last strategic companion Singapore Technologies Electronics. The business is Asia Pacific’s top provider of electronic information and communication systems, the firm will be eco-city on the constructing and energy management, green transportation, e-coaching and simulation to discover the places and plans to set up eco-city center in North China , for the eco-city, Tianjin Binhai New Location and the Central Bohai Sea area and other markets, providing applications and systems will aid obtain environmental sustainable eco-city

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