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tags China LCOS micro-show chip research began in 1998, Nankai University, Institute of Optical Data Electronic Where the Ministry of Education and supported by Tianjin Science and Technology Commission, the very first in China to carry out the LCOS micro-show chip Technology The study, made important progress, a self-developed China’s very first LCOS micro-display chip. Nankai University has begun to master the crucial technology of LCOS chip style, semiconductor manufacturing plant in China tape made of SVGA resolution LCOS module, developed by the manage circuit, can play DV D film. In the LCOS chip style and control circuit has been for a number of associated patents.

The previous two years, in the improvement of LCOS Related Technologies Regard, my government leaders, entrepreneurs and analysis and improvement units have demonstrated fantastic interest and positive response, the National Improvement and Reform Commission at the numbers Television Particular, the Ministry of Details Business Development Fund arrangements in the project, funding of scientific study in Beijing have provided some help. LCOS Technologies The development of our country can be independent Massive screen Projection show Core Technologies Now, we are mostly due to slow: Simply because LCOS Involved Technologies Much more categories, the core Technologies Insufficient investment, can not play a central Technologies Pulling impact on the market chain.

For domestic enterprises LCOS Rear projection tv attention, research and production, a time lag in the foreign counterparts, in 2002, Shenzhen Skyworth, Shanghai Huayuan and a handful of other businesses to launch its own LCOS Rear projection television items, Huayuan Group also announced the profitable trial in 2002, 61 inches LCOS Rear projection Television, can be connected to digital Television, DVD and Computer . Skyworth Show Technologies The company also introduced the use of LCOS Technologies 43-inch LCD rear projection Tv. It makes use of .72 inches triplet LCOS A resolution of 1024 768, compatible Personal computer Signal. With the domestic LCOS Technologies Depth understanding and LCOS Technologies In the rear projection tv products reflect the application of advantage, I think LCOS Rear projection tv in the country will be more quickly improvement.

Now, a lot of Chinese enterprises are relying on LCOS Union, to obtain LCOS Localization of the optical engine production. Hisense has created LCOS Television, once LCOS Optical program is mature sufficient, will be timely production. Digital Display Technologies Co., Ltd. Jiangxi Hongyuan has been introduced to the market a three-piece LCOS Rear projection tv, the future will focus on LCOS Rear projection Television optical engine production and constructed in 2005 LCOS Optical engine production line has developed a number of LCOS Back Projector , Hence, Jiangxi Hongyuan Digital Co., Ltd. will be our key LCOS Optical engine Projector Manufacturers.

International marketplace LCOS Technology Improvement of the limelight is healthful
From the CES exhibition of various makers merchandise, you can see LCOS Projection items are one particular of the concentrate of all manufacturers is the principal force in the field of future shows. CES2001 on RCA in the United States introduced the L50000, which is a LCOS Rear Projection HDTV 50-inch screen size, screen aspect ratio of 16:9, which makes use of three LCOS , Resolution can attain 1280 720, compatible with multimedia inputs, capable to manage 720p HDTV Signal. L50000 weight of not much more than one hundred pounds, the thickness of only 18 inches, whilst CRTRPTV generally at 250 pounds, the thickness of at least 26 inches. L50000 price tag of roughly six,000 U.S. dollars and 8000 dollars.

JVC, SONY, also going on all the LCOS Utilized in projection, specifically rear-projection Technology Research, and have launched their own LCOS Rear projection television goods, such as JVC introduced for the 4096 2160 pixels, 1.7 inch, from 10 micron pixel pitch is reduced to 9.five microns, and JVC also plans to establish an annual production capacity in Beijing, Taiwan 90000 LCOS Production line. Hitachi also introduced LCOS Back Projector . As Huge screen Display device Tv industry Technologies Alter too rapidly, taking into account the views of customers, Intel decided to LCOS Production delayed to after 2005, to additional increase LCOS Finesse, give full play to LCOS Experience.

China Taiwan LCOS Makers to stick to up

As LCOS Projection Technologies Not yet mature, this time involved LCOS Technology The improvement of Taiwan organizations in China will have the chance with the United States, Japanese firms to compete against high and low, get rid of the LCD, DLP projectors Technologies On the kinds of circumstances, so Taiwanese firms invested LCOS Technology Really positive development, which especially led by UMC LCOS The most striking union.