Three Years Right after The Rfid Marketplace Will Reach One Trillion Yuan-rfid-screen Particular Printing Sector

tags By the Electronic University of Technologies, Dongguan Science and Technology Co., Ltd., according to the typical interest when Cooperation R &amp D RFID Chips, has completed the test, the sample has been out 1 year and a half is anticipated to enter the industrialization phase. This is a reporter in the city from the 11th of this month at the China International RFID Technologies Summit learned.

China International RFID Technology RFID Analysis Strategy Forum alliance provinces, the Asia Pacific RFID Technologies Association, Science and Technology Bureau, Bureau of Details Sector and other units jointly.

RFID is expected to enter the period of improvement in 2012
Former vice minister of Ministry of Science, Technologies Industry Association China Conduit Han stated at the forum, using RFID technology to a detailed description of solution overall performance, composition, structure and other details goods with RFID chips, with a mean identity cards.

RFID technology experts, Ge Zhang, basic manager of a Beijing military believes that the existing RFID in China’s development, the country’s output in 2008 was 7.29 billion yuan. Expected to enter the improvement period in 2012, security in the wine, the postal industry, Meals Safety, discrete manufacturing and other fields have wide application. By then, RFID market place size will show explosive development.

Technology Co., Ltd., Dongguan on time Assistant to the President Chen Yao Lee with optimism that, right after three years, RFID market place size will reach 1 trillion yuan.

City logistics, such as using RFID can save ten billion yuan
City many RFID industries and enterprises, study institutions, specialists and market to participate in the forum, which includes the timely Lee Technologies Co., Ltd., Dongguan, Guangdong Province, RFID Technical Research and Development Center, Guangdong Electronics Sector Institute, and so forth. authorities.

Chen Yao-phase, said the city at the moment engaged in RFID production, research and improvement of small enterprises in the 5 or so, modest industry size. The RFID Research Approach Alliance Guangdong Province, a member of only 10 units.

“But the subsequent big marketplace for RFID,” said Chen Yao-phase, existing RFID in logistics, production management and field application, in which city company to two seconds Dalingshan a production rate of a DVD for Wal-Mart provide DVD. Wal-Mart’s request, every single DVD must be affixed Tag . “Do not underestimate this one particular electronic tag, he’s selling cost is far more than 1 yuan, the company has utilized 50 million tags.” Chen Yao-phase, this is a business use of electronic tags, the city has so many export processing enterprise, if the electronic tag to additional market its market place size could be underestimated, even so.

In logistics, Humen to Hong Kong to establish the initial foreign-primarily based RFID technologies, electronic fencing, enhanced port logistics, customs clearance. RFID, according to provincial engineering technology analysis and improvement centers Suk Hong Kong common manager of the city’s logistics cost of 40 billion yuan, if the use of RFID technologies, can save 10 billion yuan. He believes that, RFID technology enables time for the price, “Using RFID technologies, inventory of goods can be 20% more quickly speed, therefore decreasing fees.”

Suggestions RFID is RFID , Frequently recognized as RFID, is a non-get in touch with automatic identification technology that utilizes radio frequency signals automatic target recognition and access to relevant information, identification of the operate with out human intervention. Are broadly utilised in logistics, production management and other fields.

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