Three Other Techniques To Enhance Engine Power

tags When you are dealing with the injector signal interception, you do specifically that: intercept the injector signal. The basic function of the signal is that it communicates with the injector to open by X and close. It allows for more or less fuel to be injected into the combustion chamber. If you intercept this system, you can manage how lengthy the injector stays open enabling far more fuel to the engine, resulting in a lot more power. Making use of this type of energy-booster, you do not have to change the engines original EMS. The problem though, is that most injector signal interceptors can not manipulate an earlier start time due to driver and engine modifications. Also, if there is a delay in the close time you can usually be wasting fuel, simply because the combustion can be practically more than and fuel is nevertheless becoming injected.

If you determine to handle the fuel pump, you are fundamentally intercepting the signal to the ECU. The OEM EMS then requests much more fuel from the fuel pump. The factory EMS communicates with the OEM EMS and asks for a lot more pressure. The OEM EMS then modifications the injector timing to fulfill the new parameters. This works due to the fact the OEM EMS is nevertheless in charge, and the communication with the EMS is undetectable.

If you select to do a re-flashing of the OEM EMS or if you decide on to totally reprogram the EMS, you are searching at spending some serious cash. By doing this, you can boost your horsepower of your automobile considerably and alter your valve timing. . When you do a re-flash, you are electronically erasing the OEM EMS or EMS, and replacing it with a new engine control map. But, if you do a re-flash of the EMS it will be a permanently on the OEM EMS. The only way to take away it is by way of computer software usually only available where the re-flashed map was initially uploaded. You will probably lose any engine or drive-train warranty due to the truth the dealer and manufacturer computer systems will detect your re-flash.