There is only NOW: the story that cancer can and must be defeated

There is only NOW: the story that cancer can and must be defeated

There is only NOW: the story that cancer can and must be defeated

“To put it bluntly, I’m trying to imagine that today is the last day of my life. I try to live on this principle. On the one hand, it is difficult, but on the other hand, everything that is unnecessary disappears and there remains something that is really interesting and important for you “

 His first post in Instagram Rinat Karimov, who is also Kapetan Karamba (as Rinat calls himself), a famous master of tattooing, scored on January 18, 2015 and promised to “kick his ass” to his lymphoma. He kept his word. And on October 14 of the same year he announced that he had gone into remission. Rinat managed to prove literally in a live broadcast that cancer is not a sentence and it can and must be defeated.

This whole story is most reminiscent of some American film with a happy ending, and least of all reality. But all these doubts go away after talking with Rinat. And then you realize that the main thing in this whole story is a person, his strength and faith. About life after, about people in the network and life philosophy – live now told Vesti. The medicine itself is Kapetan Karamba.


Everything was quite prosaic. I was 31 years old. I began to feel not so good, my face and head swelled. For about a month I went to expensive private clinics. But the doctors could not understand what was happening to me. They said that it was on the nerves. Then, in some miraculous way, I was diagnosed at the Blokhin Cancer Center. There they told me almost immediately that I had lymphoma. It remained to understand – which one. After the PET scan it became clear that I have a fourth stage, the metastases were already in the spine. Then we planned the treatment and went-went.

I often repeat the same phrase – if depression and discouragement helped me to fight cancer, I would often lie and cry on the bed. But this is not so. It does not get any better. But a positive attitude, self-motivation, belief in one’s own strength, in science, medicine – all this really gave me serious strength. All these things mobilized me strongly.

It is proved that patients who are in a good mood, better tolerate chemotherapy, quickly go into remission, unlike those who are depressed. And here there is no magic – pure science and logic. So they helped me.

And of course, the most important thing is people. This is my family, relatives, friends. Each of them helped me as best I could. And this is undoubtedly the main part of my victory. Without them, it would be extremely difficult for me.

“I realized that I can not justify this hope”

The format of the Instagram-diary was chosen absolutely randomly. There was no hidden connotation or following fashion trends.

I have a lot of friends, acquaintances. And everyone worried for me daily, attacked me with calls, letters, questions – how my affairs are. It was physically difficult to answer all this, but it was also impossible to answer. So I decided – I will conduct a certain report in a separately created account on the Instagram platform, tell how I’m doing.

But I did not want to turn all this into some kind of frightening chronicle, so I tried, by virtue of my humorous possibilities, to spice it up with irony, self-irony. And it turned out quite fun. At the same time, my posts completely reflected the reality of the person with cancer, showed all the way that he had to go through.

Later it became interesting not only to my friends, but also to a huge audience of several tens of thousands of people. And for me in the process of treatment, this report has become a daily hobby.

But the more the audience becomes, the higher the degree of responsibility. You are responsible for what you write, say where you are being treated. And I loudly declared that I would beat the ass lymphoma on the air, that I could cope with cancer. And it put hope in those who are sick himself, or who have relatives. People began to believe that cancer really can be defeated. And then I realized that I can not justify this hope. I need to get out of my skin, but go into remission.

What struck me the most was the fact that there is still something human in social networks. Especially when you sometimes see what nasty things are written in the comments of the same celebrity.

In my situation, such comments were single. Basically – messages in which people supported me, motivated, a huge amount of wishes of good and health. It’s tens of thousands of comments every day, which sometimes is simply physically impossible to read, not what to answer them. Good, kind, bright people turned out to be really more. Even in the vastness of the Internet humanity manifested itself. And this really amazed me and became a real discovery.

Life after

I completely changed my attitude to nutrition. Refused to smoke. In another way, I began to take a healthy lifestyle. Not that this is some kind of orthodox attitude. But I just began to control myself in this. He became more strict towards himself, because I understand what it can lead to.

I also changed my attitude to medicine, science and charity. Previously, there was a one-sided vision that the state owes something to us. You come to the hospital – and let me quickly heal. But it does not work out that way. A person must also develop responsibility.


I was lying only in one oncology center, and it’s hard to compare me. But what I saw – I was struck in a good way. This is now not some flattering words. This is such an objective reality. Those operating rooms that I was in, I could only see before in the movies. I met doctors who not only perform their work effectively, and I am an example, but still behave like real professionals, communicate as professionals. Of course, there are problems everywhere, and medicine is no exception. But in general, everything is not so bad.

Even before that, I thought that charity is a total fraud. Now I understand that this is not so. Now I’m doing this myself. For example, I help the children’s department of the Blokhin Oncology Center. If I can help the center with the help of my audience – why do not I do it. And I do.

I also belong to the boards of trustees of various foundations. I’m giving lectures on the dangers of smoking. I have a job – my studio, where I make money, and this is my hobby.

Important now

Now I’m in harmony with what I’m doing. I do not take work as a job. This is my way of life. My studio, the guys who work for me. I’m going to work to make someone a tattoo, not because I need to, but because I just love to do it. I built the schedule in such a way that I manage to do sports and travel, and I have time to spend time at home, and to monitor health.

For two years I could not do tattoos. And one of the tattoos that I did after is a small inscription on my hand directed towards me – NOW (now).

Of course, I have always lived one day. But after the disease in this thought, I was firmly established. And he established himself in the understanding that a person is at least not eternal. And it does not matter how much you live, it’s important how you will live. To put it bluntly, I’m trying to imagine that today is the last day of my life. I try to live on this principle. On the one hand, it is difficult, but on the other hand, all unnecessary disappears and there remains something that is really interesting and important for you.

And what is important? Relations between people are important, harmony with oneself. It is important to have a clear understanding – that you are ready to give this to the world. If you need it, of course. I need. I want to make some contribution to the society. For example, I helped children – for me it is important. Now I soberly realize it.

It is important not to postpone your plans for some distant tomorrow. So I’m doing it now. For me, these are the same things as waking up and calling parents, because today is the last day. Or admit to love or give up what you do not want to do. And immediately it becomes easier.

Rule number one: educate responsibility   

Precisely I can say that you do not need to paranoid about cancer or any other diseases. I’m for the fact that people should listen to themselves. You can not, for example, take tests for all types of cancer – it is physically impossible. But if you understand, something is wrong – you go to the doctor and treat. Many people often say: “I’m afraid of getting sick”, but do not do simple prevention.

Now, for example, propaganda for the diagnosis of breast cancer is underway. There are days of free diagnostics. And the one who wants – goes and does. But driving from under the stick to some kind of diagnosis is also a wrong move.

Still important is awareness. For example, I give lectures for schoolchildren and students about responsible smoking. I’m not saying that it’s bad to smoke. You can not stop a person from smoking, it’s his right. I tell my story and associate it with oncology. And I tell everyone – if this story was told to me 15 years ago, when I started smoking, maybe everything that happened to me could be avoided. But I did not have such a lecture.

Therefore, you need to understand that picking up a cigarette, you take the same responsibility. That’s what you need to educate yourself. Because the choice as a result of the person.

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