There is a question: why there is a hiccup and how to cope with it

There is a question: why there is a hiccup and how to cope with it

There is a question: why there is a hiccup and how to cope with it

Each of us has his own way, most often from a childhood, which allows him to stop hiccoughs. For example, you can drink water in small sips. Or, alternatively, hold the air for 60 seconds. Or maybe, to list the names of friends and unfamiliar people in the hope of guessing who is remembering you. Whatever it was, although the exact cause of hiccups is still unknown, the scientists found out something interesting about how to cure it.

According to Gregory Levitin, an otolaryngologist at the Mount Sinai Health System, the variety of ways in which we try to cope with hiccups is due to the fact that there is no single way supported by science. “We do not understand why hiccups appear and why it disappears. However, experts are sure that any distracting action can work, “- he said in an interview with Business Insider. And especially if the distraction is associated with another form of stimulation.

But what is a hiccough? This is the sound that we publish when we try to breathe in air, but we can not do it normally because of an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm. Doctors use the Latin term singultus for identification, which, however, applies not only to hiccups, but also to sobbing , sobbing and wheezing.

Doctors are well aware that hiccoughs often arise as a result of a particular behavior, including consuming too much food or drink ( carbonated drinks ) filling the stomach with air. Therefore, infants tend to hiccup more often than adults – they swallow more air when they eat from a bottle or when the mother feeds them with the breast.

 So, we have already understood that there is no universal way to cope with hiccups. On the other hand, there are a few things recommended to people who hiccups attend with an enviable frequency.

“I usually advise patients to take a deep breath, holding their breath for as long as possible,” notes Levitin. If the problem is caused by excess air in the stomach, additional air can help. It also makes sense to try to massage the base of the neck, where the nerve that stimulates the diaphragm is located.

Sometimes hiccups with small interruptions can persist for several months and even years, and then the patient needs surgical intervention. But this, fortunately, happens not only rarely, but very, very rarely.

There is evidence that side effects of drugs intended for something else can also help with hiccoughs. For example, when doctors gave patients suffering from hiccups a muscle-relaxing medication that helps to move food through the stomach, most of them have helped. Gregory Levitin adds that injecting an anesthetic into the nerve can also provide temporary relief, although probably for only a few hours

The expert adds that people who have problems with hiccups regularly occur should consider alternative therapy, including breathing practices , meditation and acupuncture . But all this, of course, must occur under the guidance and with the permission of the attending physician.

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