Therapy Application Aids in Capturing Correct Therapy Documentation For Medicare Reimbursements


Regardless of whether you own two or 200 clinics, once you grow beyond one particular facility, you require a scalable, extensive therapy clinic software program technique that integrates all facets of your practice. Appalachian Therapy Center, a chain of four clinics, headquartered in Maryville, Tennessee, employs some 25 physical therapists, which with each other see about 35,000 patient visits per year. The center gives a range of physical therapy, sports therapy, and other services, with an emphasis on orthopedics. Initially, their paper-primarily based program for tracking patient care and billing data was time consuming, cumbersome and not often full enough to receive complete reimbursement. Following implementing a therapy clinic application system, Appalachian Therapy Center in Tennesee saw check out billings boost by over 35 % – for $ 700,000 in extra annual billings. Back in 2001, they replaced their paper-based program for tracking patient care and billing details with a best therapy clinic software system with wireless point-of-care documentation.

Because the organization replaced its paper-primarily based system, they have noticed

• More than 35% improve in per check out billings

• Better tracking for therapists true-time operate

• Greater documentation of patient progress

• $ 700,000 in extra annual billings

The application offered wireless connectivity so therapists could roam freely- rather than possessing to leave the patient’s side to use a workstation. Most sufferers are covered by insurance coverage businesses or government programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid even so insurers and other payers call for precise documentation of function performed, such as the correct use of billing codes to obtain reimbursement. Appalachian Therapy Center’s old method was based on handwritten entries by therapists, augmented by dictated notes. Folders would usually pile up during the day, with the paperwork becoming completed later. The delays could lead to incomplete or incorrect documentation and use of incorrect billing codes. The errors in documentation usually meant that Appalachian Therapy Center was under-reimbursed for the services provided to individuals.  The new therapy software program includes coding and compliance information to support users maintain accuracy and consistency in documentation, which assists to accomplish compliance with federal, state and private payers.

 “The medical application company predicted we’d see at least a ten % increase in our per-visit billings,” Black says. “We’ve seen at least a 35 % increase in per patient billing via elimination of ‘leakage’-that is, supplying solutions that either aren’t billed for or that are incorrectly billed for.” Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Baron Johnson, who is a managing companion of Appalachian Therapy Center, says he knew he required a method to bring far more accuracy to billing. “It’s not that our men and women had been missing something,” Johnson says. “The therapy documentation sometimes just wasn’t good adequate for what the insurers essential. Poor documentation charges you in all sorts of methods.  Claims get rejected, or they are reimbursed at a reduced rate. You can lose referral sources. We’ve usually had a fantastic employees we just needed some aid documenting what we do.” Johnson is delighted with the benefits of the solution. “We see about 35,000 patient visits per year,” he says. “With the far more accurate billing info offered from this application, we have generated some $ 700,000 in added billings. As a CFO, that’s excellent news. As a companion, that’s even higher news.”

This resolution assists physical therapists track their function with patients in real time, which increases the accuracy of the patient record and aids the center provide the documentation needed to be reimbursed from insurance coverage firms and government programs.  Both Johnson and Black credit the straightforward-to use graphical user interface. “The software organization sent their lead consumer service rep to commit Thursday and Friday with us, assuming that we have been going to have some difficulty adjusting to these new devices. By mid-morning on Thursday, her job was completed. We created the transition in minutes. It was that easy,” Black says.