The Writer’s Journey Blueprint For Your Writing Accomplishment – Tip four


Producing a platform to attain your readers straight is an outstanding way to attract focus from publishers to support you secure a deal. But one of the blunders that numerous authors make is to underestimate the importance of placing time and power into the activities necessary to create this region.

If you are self-publishing, your platform is even more critical as your primary indicates of advertising and marketing, advertising and selling your book. When you are responsible for the whole writing and publishing mix, obtaining a strong platform is probably to mean the difference among good results and failure!

Once your book is truly published, your platform will genuinely be a single of the most crucial cornerstones for actual, long-lasting good results. But it requires time to place the foundations in place and to create the momentum you require to reap the rewards of your efforts. So it is crucial to commence your preparations now!

What is a platform, I hear some of you asking? There are undoubtedly variations on people’s interpretations of what a platform is, and so with that understood, let me offer you you my definition:

A platform is the mixture of all the diverse methods you communicate directly with the men and women who are interested in you, your concepts, your operate in general, and of course, your book(s) particularly.

Examples incorporate: articles, interviews, media appearances, speaking engagements, seminars and workshops – which all contribute to making a name for your self and developing your profile. And do not neglect your web site, newsletter, your book(s), audio, video and other connected items.

Of course not everyone will develop all of these suggestions – so take a deep breath if you are abruptly feeling overwhelmed! There are different levels at which you can focus your efforts on constructing a platform and it is very essential that you decide on the level that suits you – and your book – ideal.

The way to make the correct choice for you as an person is to refer back to your original motivation and objectives for becoming a published author in the first location. What outcomes are you looking for? What outcomes do you dream of? What influence do you want published authorship to have on your life?

Right here are my definitions of the three levels at which you can produce your platform (naturally these distinctions aren’t really this black and white in practice but they do give a great beginning point to enable you to concentrate your tips):

1. All Out – involves a powerful focus on media profile plus a sophisticated web site that is set up for e-commerce to present a extensive variety of products and services relating to your locations of passion – which includes your book(s).

2. The Middle Way – consists of a mixture of articles and events alongside a professionally designed internet site which delivers your book and other related ideas for reaching out to your readers with your message or story.

three. Person Minimum Path – contains writing articles plus a easy showcase internet site or blog.

I suggest that you start with the level that feels appropriate to you in order to attain the outcome you are aiming for – and be realistic. It is better to aim for a far more manageable level – and accomplish it – than to go ‘All Out’ initially but then really feel overwhelmed and under pressure. You can usually expand your activities when you have constructed a strong foundation and feel ready to stretch your boundaries just that tiny bit further.

Whichever level you pick, there are basically two tasks involved with establishing your platform:

1. Creating content
2. Creating a database

The content of course will be centred around your book’s main topic or story and connected tips that can be used to ‘point towards’ your primary passions. The database of individuals who have in some way provided you ‘permission’ to communicate with them is entirely critical. With out this audience, there is no ‘platform’!

So how does this all fit in with what you can count on from your publisher in terms of sales, marketing and publicity if your book is published by a industrial publishing home? The circumstance has changed a wonderful deal more than the last few years with regards to what publishers do (or never do) for authors – specifically concerning marketing and publicity.

Today, publishers tend to concentrate their efforts, and their budgets, on their ‘lead titles’. If your book does not come within this elite band, the likelihood is that it will not get as considerably attention as I am certain you would like it to – and believe it deserves.

A single of the most widespread complaints from authors is that publishers have not accomplished as good a job of marketing and advertising their book as they had hoped for. In many instances this is both understandable and justified. However the reality is that there is fierce competitors for time, focus and money – each in-residence and in the marketplace.

The best solution is for you to function in partnership with your publisher and recognize that your part as an author does incorporate engaging with these locations at some level. When you accept a share in the duty of making confident that your book reaches the widest audience achievable by producing a solid platform, ironically your publisher is probably to give you and your book more support. Then amongst you, with a mixture of energies and sources, you can operate towards your book attaining the accomplishment it undoubtedly deserves.


1. Refer back to your original intentions for becoming a published author.

2. Choose a level to aim for in the knowledge that it is not set in stone.

3. Make a decision on 1 process that you can do this month to commence the process of generating your platform. Schedule the time … and just do it!