The Very first Step to Gaining New Consumers For Your Modest Company


1 of the biggest benefits a tiny organization particular person has is his capacity to be a friend to his clients, to support them in a personable way to resolve their troubles. By setting the example for your employees or co-workers to stick to, you are creating an chance for them to do a greater job of serving customers.

Theodore Levitt, a single of the national experts on consumer service, says that “our customers want to have a enterprise connection with the individuals they acquire from.” Our clients want to feel unique. They want to know that they are not just yet another quantity or some vague entity. Getting in a little enterprise, you have a golden opportunity to distinguish your organization from the rest of the competitors by becoming a friend.

There is a man from my hometown by the name of Joe Slaga, owner of PJ’s, a baseball card shop. When consumers enter his store, he tends to make them really feel comfortable by his straightforward manner. He is a great people particular person. He realizes that individuals don’t want to be badgered into purchasing something. By joking and exchanging stories with them about their favored sports celebrity, he devel­ops a friendly partnership with all the adults and children who come into the shop. He has created it a favourite stopping place for numerous kids to bring their parents to browse and get.

There are other baseball card shops in the location, but his is the busiest. How does he do it? Easy. He makes it a point to be a friend to his clients.

What are some of the issues you, your staff and co-workers can do in your small company to be a pal to your customers? Hold a brain­storming session and make a list of seven concepts. Circle the prime three ideas and take actions for implementing them this week.