The Very best and the Least expensive Electronic Cigarette Accessories


Believe it or not, the very best and the cheapest electronic cigarette or e-cig is now in the market place. This electronic cigarette comes with diverse accessories that will certainly match your life-style. Take for instance the “Bots” or the Smokebot batteries which is regarded the most recent in Lithium Ion technology to date. It is equipped with a red light at the battery’s end to give that burning cigarette appear and feel. It is straightforward to detect if it demands to be charged considering that the light will blink continuously giving you a warning to recharge. This cheapest electronic cigarette accessory comes in two packages – the Deluxe Kit that comes with a single battery, and the Premium Kit which has two batteries.

The Deluxe Carrying Case on the other hand is also a single of the least expensive electronic cigarette’s accessories that everybody desires to have. With a smooth matte finish, this case is quite tough and fashionable. There is a spot for your USB charger, three smokes or cartridges, and one particular Smokebot put collectively to smoke inside the Carrying Case. Please be reminded that this Smokebot Carrying case does not incorporate the Smokebot, further cartridges and USB charger. This is just an accessory of the cheapest electronic cigarette in town.

Aside from that, the cheapest electronic cigarette has a Smokebot charger pack. The Exclusive Smokebot Charger Pack is compatible with a Soft Tip Electronic Cigarette. This pack makes it easy to charge your Smokebot anytime, anywhere. You never have to charge each now and then due to the fact the Charger Pack will charge your Bot up to eight occasions before needing to be charged again. In addition, it also holds an additional battery and up to six “smokes”. Equipped with LCD Battery Meter, it will let you know if it wants to be charged, plus, a LED Flashlight on the bottom is also offered for when you happen to be in a dark location.

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