The US Marine Corps wants to get an ultra-compact kamikaze drone

The US Marine Corps wants to get an ultra-compact kamikaze drone

US marines to carry out their missions require a compact flying drones, which can not only conduct reconnaissance or maintain communication, but also, if necessary, turn into a shock kamikaze drone equipped with a powerful charge.

After nearly two decades of conflict, mostly against partisans in various regions of the world, the US has faced much more dangerous potential enemies, able to withstand its main strike force – the Marine Corps. According to representatives of US Marine Corps (US Marine Corps), a drone of the type of Organic Precision Fires (OPF) would be very useful for small units that turned out to be cut off from the main forces and deprived of the opportunity to receive support for aviation and artillery.

As reported by Military.?om, the Organic Precision Fires system will consist of a drone packed in a container. The dimensions of the UAV are 24.5 cm in diameter and 2.4 m in length. Due to its light weight, it can easily carry one marine. OPF is run from the container and can be in the air for up to two hours, performing the function of a repeater of the unit’s communication with the command over a distance of up to 60 km.

However, if a critical situation arises, drones equipped with a warhead immediately become drone drones, which can be used to destroy enemy objects, (for example, artillery), at ranges up to 24 km.