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The UK has a single of the biggest retail food markets in each Europe and the world, with value sales getting risen by around 3% per annum because 2004. Nonetheless, volume sales have risen only really marginally across several solution categories, with consumption having really declined in some instances. Until the economic downturn, development in industry worth was sustained by expanding customer demand for premium and speciality foods, even though a lot more folks are now seeking value for income when buying for groceries. Increasing food rates have also been apparent in sectors such as bakery and dairy, due to the escalating expense of key components. The UK Meals &amp Drinks Report 2009 is a new publication from Leatherhead Food Research. The report covers 22 different product sectors, delivering info such as market size and segmentation, new item activity and market provide. The report also consists of an overview of essential market place drivers, as properly as an evaluation of most current merger and acquisition activity in the industry

Table of Contents :


1.1 Report Objectives
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Research Method
1.four Info Provided


two.1 Market Trends
two.2 Crucial Market place Drivers
2.2.1 Comfort
2.two.two Overall health &amp Naturalness
two.2.3 Indulgence
2.2.four Economy
two.three New Solution Activity
2.4 Sector Structure and Developments
two.four.1 Major food and drinks firms
two.4.2 Mergers and acquisitions
2.5 Sector Summaries


3.1 Market Trends
3.1.1 Beer
3.1.2 Cider
three.1.3 Wine
3.1.4 Spirits
3.1.5 Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs)
3.two New Item Activity
three.two.1 Beer and cider
three.two.two Wine
three.two.3 Spirits
3.two.4 Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs)
three.three Sector Structure and Developments
3.3.1 Beer
3.3.two Cider
three.3.three Wine
3.three.4 Spirits
three.three.five Flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs)

4. Baby FOODS

4.1 Market place Trends
four.2 New Solution Activity
4.3 Sector Structure and Developments

5. BAKERY Goods

five.1 Marketplace Trends
5.1.1 Bread and morning goods
five.1.two Cakes
5.1.3 Biscuits
5.2 New Item Activity
5.2.1 Bread and morning goods
five.two.2 Cakes
5.two.three Biscuits
five.three Business Structure and Developments
5.3.1 Bread and morning goods
five.three.2 Cakes
5.three.3 Biscuits


6.1 Industry Trends
6.1.1 Flour
six.1.two Bakery mixes
six.1.3 Cooking fats
six.1.four Eggs
6.1.five Sugar
6.1.six Artifical sweeteners
6.two New Item Activity
6.three Market Structure and Developments
6.3.1 Flour
six.three.two Bakery mixes
6.three.three Cooking fats
6.3.4 Eggs
6.3.five Sugar
six.3.6 Artifical sweeteners


7.1 Market place Trends
7.1.1 Breakfast cereals
7.1.two Cereal bars
7.two New Item Activity
7.3 Business Structure and Developments
7.three.1 Breakfast cereals
7.3.two Cereal bars

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