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tags Though Hardware Constructing supplies sector has not but apparent in the cross-border phenomenon, but the trend of enterprise item integration among the fields in the comparable phenomenon has turn into identified. Single product champion seemed less eye-catching to eye-catching. Constructing materials industry trends in the end the way where? “With the creating components sector, the brand for the future pattern, in my view, is the Massive Mac-style, what style, what places of all to do. An additional brand, so a single product , a single product champion. “Expo 2010 residence, the domain of higher furniture

Advertising and marketing Director Xu days to accept an interview with Sohu says.
Cabinet solution line will extend business wardrobe lighting electric organization creating supplies business according to Qi battle furniture company from the plate to the application … … in the last two years, creating material business enterprises in numerous fields have elevated item integration efforts, integrating a whilst wind blowing in China is pleased to classic and new constructing materials manufacturing sector. At the very same time, the market breakdown in an additional dimension of the development of yet another phenomenon: wardrobe gradually separate from the slab creating materials, steadily matured as a separate industry LED lighting for its strong development momentum, gradually from classic lighting to create their own traits . Subdivision or consolidation? China’s building materials market in the future development trend of where exactly the way?

Subdivision idea: the rise of new industries
“Wardrobe goods such modest space, really can separate a organization!” 2010, in Sohu talents at building components, Autran Feng Jun, chairman of such a sigh water heater. With his communication, is the wardrobe sector, brand common manager of the federal Gordon Lin Fu-lai. In the wardrobe region, dozens of brands is swiftly rising to the pan relative to the building components industry, customer interest in larger degrees is steadily created. Who could have imagined just a decade ago, China’s vast wardrobe is not the idea of the industry.

At the same time, the classic lighting industry, LED lighting is quickly rising at an alarming rate, and the qualities of its independence, steadily drifted away from traditional lighting market, and turned into big regions of lighting a most promising plate. In addition, the Doors are also the exact same fast pace of improvement in the field stand out from the traditional furniture. Throughout the improvement of developing material business in recent years, with the market and the organization matured, the notion of this business segment, more and far more apparent.

Item integration: fuzzy extension of enterprise goods

Chinese creating supplies customer marketplace is establishing quickly, with the doors, wardrobe, LED lighting and other areas of rapid development, market place expansion cake at an alarming price has attracted the consideration of most of the conventional manufacturers. European College, Piano wardrobe into high-profile places, the conventional giants to enter the LED lighting field. Meanwhile, the massive higher creating set building components, company license, electrical, lighting in one item line, Jonsson plans to introduce electric items, which is still at the concept of the conventional lighting of the enterprises, the integration movement has become increasingly evident. Even the lighting industry leading mirror front lamps Single solution champion the East Arcadia, has launched two years ago, solar lighting brands.