The teenager left the coma after the parents agreed that he would become a posthumous donor

The teenager left the coma after the parents agreed that he would become a posthumous donor

Thirteen-year-old Trenton McKinley received a severe head injury after that. He rode with a friend in a car with a trailer: because of the sudden braking the teenager flew out onto the road, and the trailer fell on top of him.

The boy received numerous fractures of the skull, and while he was in intensive care, he had a cardiac arrest and kidney failure. Doctors explained to the boy’s parents that the chances of surviving at Trenton are minimal – even if he manages to get out, he will forever remain an invalid who is incapable of self-serving.

The condition of the teenager remained heavy – he was unconscious and was connected to the life support system. The doctors said that Trenton’s organs are suitable for five different children who need transplantation. The boy’s mother, Jennifer Reindl (Jennifer Reindl) agreed that her son would become a posthumous donor , and even signed all the necessary documents for this. She noted that she was sure that her son would agree with such a decision.

The day after Jennifer signed the necessary papers, Trenton was to conduct a final brainstorming study – the doctors canceled the examination, as the boy began to show signs of life.

His condition began to improve: now he speaks, reads and walks. Problems with memory remained, and in addition the boy was tormented by convulsions and pain associated with damage to the peripheral nerves. He still has operations to restore the shape of the skull and other long-term treatment.

The boy says that he does not remember anything that happened to him after the trailer fell on him. About his feelings he said this: “I just went ahead in the field. The only explanation for everything that happened is God. With this, doctors agree. ”

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