The Technologies Behind Printing Without Ink


When it comes to printing without having ink, numerous people raise their eyebrows and ask “How can that happen?” Effectively the answer is YES and Zink Imaging is the firm that has introduced it. It boasts of being in a position to generate printers that can very easily match in the palm of a hand or fixed with digital cameras and cell phones.

This technology is implemented by using a new photo paper. When the temperature of the paper is improved, it changes color and the backbone of the technologies in query. The chief technologies officer at ZINK, Mr. Steve Herchen says that this technology has evolved over a period of 10 years. He also adds that it is advantageous in several techniques the first a single becoming that we want not worry about the ink obtaining dried up. The photo paper costs about 25 cents, but the essential aim is to make the paper available everywhere.

The other critical advantage with this printer is that it can be carried along very easily as the printer is small sufficient to be embedded inside any portable gadget. Any printer that prints with ink can not do this as it has to give room for the inks, the printing head and all accessories that make the printer immobile. ZINK printers guarantee to eradicate that bulkiness.

When contemplating any printing technologies, there are a lot of distinct strategies. The most economical of all is the ink jet printer that creates pictures by spilling ink on the paper. The other one that is a small pricey is the LASER printer that makes use of the toner and electrically charges the colored powder. Thermal printing utilizes a ribbon to print and it is related to the type writer.

ZINK uses a thermal technologies, but in contrast to the other papers, the paper in such printers already have colors embedded in them and you just need to have to apply heat on the required portions to bring out the colors within them.