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tags 1, readily pulled Energy provide Ranging from cooling outlet or shut down We all know, the heat is Projector Lamp Deadly killer, and this is why many companies have repeatedly stressed the heat dissipation motives. Authorities in the projection plane, the ideal allowed to cool for some time. Simply because the projector design is difficult to automatically heat sealed, and disconnect the power, the projector fan will quickly cease operating, following operating lengthy hours this way light bulb projected a lot of heat generated will accumulate in the projector itself, seriously have an effect on the light bulb and internal components Electric Performance, the worst case, can lead to the phenomenon of light bulb exploded. two, fast shutdown due to a new cooling technique To keep away from this phenomenon, we need to use, very first turn off the projector switch, so that projector fan to continue cooling, until the heat distribution inside the projector right after the projector fan will automatically stop the rotation, and then reduce off the energy at this time. Course has fast shutdown function Organization Projector In this respect slightly greater, but if it is not required or not to quickly shut down. 3, prolonged use of projector Ideal not to use the projector a extended time, since of limited air-cooled, soon after all, that is why there is a lifetime of bulb. That fan is not enough to get rid of all the heat, and prolonged heat accumulation will decline to bulb or even burst. For that reason suggested that customers generally do not use the projector when much more than four hours straight. four, switching frequency in high Numerous Electronic The switching elements are present, “breakdown” hazardous, which is why we use Computer Time to steer clear of frequent switching machine. The very same bulb is “Johnson” “costly,” specifically to help speedy begin of the projector, and instantaneously realized with a high existing brief warm-up time, will boost the danger coefficient for a file, so when we do not use the projector frequent switching machines, to stay away from frequent light bulb and the circuit by the impact of existing or voltage. five, the boot state of shock projector Though the use of approach, in addition to the fixed installation, we inevitably have to move the adjustment, but gently is a required good habits, due to the fact the full-powered projector working conditions, the bulbs will a lot of heat generated, the heat generated within the filament bulb temperature will melt in a close state, which is why the expensive metal filament employing a selection of causes for higher melting point. Properly, this semi-molten state, if the projector by the shock, the influence on the light bulb is no doubt bear the brunt, but if the temperature of the filament drop, so do not just turn off the light bulb, light bulb burst possible is there, so to keep away from vibration is very crucial. 6, with Shot Block the projection light cover We use the projector in the process may rest, but do not want to turn off the projector, and if in this period of time so that the projector has been lit, then, will feel very uncomfortable, can frequently be stopped with the lens cap But the point to note is not a long time to use the lens cap, so that the heat of light projection was barred from office the cameras, lengthy time, will inevitably result in higher-temperature camera and light machine harm.