The Number 1 IT Employment Alternative for A Network Administrator


If you happen to be a laptop specialist with the capabilities to preserve a little organization network… and you’re taking into consideration the IT employment choices available to you, I urge you to consider the following…

An Independent Pc Consultant who supports tiny firms will have greater earnings prospective, stronger job safety, higher possibilities for technical and skilled growth and significantly far more freedom with your time than with just about any other IT Job available.

The key to success in creating a effective Independent pc consulting practice is to operate on the managed support model, where you offer flat-price service for proactive monitoring and remote help.

Supporting modest organizations affords a pc consultant with a steady, routinely recurring stream of income.

Little organizations rely heavily on their personal computer systems for the day-to-day operations of their company and consequently are a lot more than prepared to spend a fair value to have the systems appropriately maintained.

With the monitoring technologies available right now, you will be capable to monitor your customers systems about the clock, with instant alerts sent to you via email or SMS messaging for actually pennies a day.

By receiving early alerts to any troubles that arise, such as failed backups, failed software updates, faulty hardware, etc., you will be in a position to avert difficulties from escalating to the point of disaster… keeping your clients functioning more reliably and keeping you from spending countless hours performing reactive repair function.

The remote support utilities obtainable to you these days are also incredibly inexpensive, enabling you to address most of the everyday occurring troubles quickly, from just about anyplace you have access to the World wide web. This instant level of support keeps your clientele functioning with minimal downtime and keeps their satisfaction levels at maximum.

If you happen to be operating on the correct, flat-charge billing model, your monthly revenue will be generated for keeping factors operating smoothly, rather than the old hourly-price model exactly where you only created money if things have been breaking (and your consumers had been suffering). And you no longer have to worry about obtaining a “slow month”. On a flat-price model, the slower, the greater… for each you and your consumers.

If you happen to be appropriately monitoring your customers and supporting them remotely, the amount of actual weekly support work will be minimal, enabling you to generate a dependable, complete-time revenue even though functioning element-time hours. Due to the fact the function-load is very easily managed, you can scale up at your personal pace, basically generating your maximum earnings level limitless.

And let’s not overlook about the truth that you will be creating the recommendations to your clientele as to what technologies would greatest advantage them. Therefore, you have unlimited possibilities as to the systems, peripherals and software you will be capable to achieve exposure to, constantly escalating your personal private technical information-base.

When considering the IT employment alternatives available to you, it really is tough to picture any other job exactly where you could have the freedom, growth and economic potential that you could have when starting a consulting enterprise of your own.