The Nobel Prize: A Dream of Scientific Recognition


There is no 1 discussion relating to educational grants without mentioning one particular of the most favourite scientific prizes on the globe -the Nobel Prize. Even though technically not an school enable, as the award is granted for completed researches, it however, can be regarded as an aid for the promotion of science and scientific discoveries. The Nobel Prize is regarded as the most renowned on the globe, exactly where amongst the winners such figures are Maria Sklodowska-Curie and Alexander Fleming in the region of science, as well as Gabriel Garcia Marquez in the area of literature. The Prize has a large influence which can be noticed by way of the focus it obtained in the media for the duration of last decades. In that regard, the present write-up will give a short overview of the significance of the Nobel Prize.


The Nobel Prize was established below the will of Swedish inventor and scientist Alfred Nobel. The objective of the prize was to honor these men and women whose work offered the most profit to humanity all through the year preceding the nomination. The prize is granted in some fields, such as physics, chemistry, medicine, and so on. In a scientific context it can be mentioned that the reward, that is ten million Swedish Kronor, is a superb assistance for researchers who devoted their life to science and helping humankind.


In spite of the notion that most discoveries and inventions had been created for the really like of science, it can be stated that the Nobel Prize contributed to the development of science typically. The enhance of the quantity of winners in the past decades demonstrates that for numerous scientists the Nobel Prize is one of the main targets they aim for. In that regard, this reward can be seen essential not for the fiscal prize, as considerably as for the reputation it delivers, that tends to make the honor the innermost aim of young scientists.