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Radio and tv News media Education Men and women, inspiring individuals, the most effective and modern tools to link the celebration and the people of the bond and bridge, both the celebration and the Government’s mouthpiece, it is the people’s voice, which is party to the Chinese news media’s characterization and the fundamental needs. County Radio Television News media in the mainstream media, our team is the most simple institution, the most direct, most men and women know the news media, and people’s livelihood is at the county level media the most essential process, people’s livelihood topic is economic and social improvement The beginning point and destination.

So vast media personnel to the county level to the spiritual masters, and actively take on the party and the government concerned about the livelihood of the people, understanding people, reflecting the individuals and convey the sacred duty of public opinion.

How to fulfill our mission to mobilize the men and women, inspire people and unite their wisdom and building our residence, I believed to start from the following elements:

Adjust to promote their ideas, will concentrate on the livelihood of the people was established as the county radio and television news media steadfastness of the improvement of this. The author is a county-level radio and television news media staff on the goal to run the radio station to do extremely nicely, its primary goal is for the local celebration committee and government’s central operate, this is definitely absolutely nothing the slightest incorrect, nor what direction , in principle wrong. Reporters always do every thing feasible to concentrate on celebration committees and government leadership to play about, speakers, the Shot When the highest frequency in the number of party committees and governments of a second in command, and some even numerous times to close for fear of not realizing the truth about the matter. In a news plan or a day in January, a year in the public details, leadership meetings, inspections and other current occasion major news became dominant player, accounting for the biggest time share, largely in prime time each and every day providing with these content material-associated Subjects Interview Programs, and some men and women say left the meeting with the leadership, leadership inspection, public details, there is no soul, reporters and editors do not know what to write, compile something. Of course, the leadership of some major news on the lens is necessary, numerous occasions far more than it need to be. Even so, some common meeting ah, ah project ribbon cutting, ceremony or one thing, they want not show his face again and again close-up. But should this restricted, valuable time sources, audio and video resources and livelihood concerns left to reflect the themes and content material up. Place far more believed, much more power, much more enthusiasm, much more eyes on the masses, specially the vulnerable groups who, focusing on the normal production and life of the folks, labor operate, and dig out the people’s livelihood news the worth and significance, in order to much better play to the media publicity and educating the folks, encouraging individuals functions.

In this year’s NPC CPPCC sessions, delegates and members is generating specific mention of the people’s livelihood troubles, Premier Wen Jiabao’s government function report, all through all embody the Celebration and government hugely concerned about livelihood issues. People’s livelihood, improve people’s livelihood, for the benefit of the people has turn out to be the initial selection for the celebration and the government every year and feel of methods to boost the livelihood of the folks, finding a way.

Presently working as a county-level news media and the urgent need to have for establishing such a philosophy, a matter of livelihood than days, of empathy to be the masses. Community elderly locks broken, the door could not open up, toilet blocked, lanes broken water pipes, street lighting is not vibrant, these seemingly trivial matters, if we stand on the people’s point of view, standing appear at the angle of the parties, that is big issue. Comrade Hu Jintao talked about the profound interests of the masses is no small matter in this connotation. For that reason, we can not just be regarded that the report focuses on major projects is beneficial, grasping the spacecraft, launch will be deemed such info is worthwhile, but not reported in shantytowns on the worth of which means. On any matter can not be just, image appear, we have to swiftly adjust their concept of the position, be empathetic for the men and women sake of the masses of the production of true life, with men and women relying on close to point, and then near point, with the masses stand, viewpoint and method, point of view and attitude to interpret the people’s mind, to understand the people’s life encounter, to disseminate loved by the people welcome news, the real news media solutions play a central activity, the service functions and the masses the part of actual journalists into practice so that the majority of scientific improvement, promote social harmony and stability of the leader and pacesetter really “really like the men and women, the right of the individuals, interests of the people,” the appropriate media guidance , sing the theme, take the initiative, problem-solving for the masses, as the government’s burdens, and market sound and quick economic and social improvement, this is the correct attitude county media is way out their personal improvement.