The New Frontier – 2010 In Assessment

tags With our vacation travel over, I discover myself operating on 2011 projects – finalizing my second book, revising my very first book into its third edition, and working on my 2011 organization strategy. These days, even though, I’m not feeling the rush to get tothe future. Rather, I’m feeling the tug of the previous, especially the final year.

One of the bestthings about the week among Christmas and New Years is the retrospective applications that are aired on Television and published by print and internet content material publishers. There is some thing visceral and substantive about reviewing what has occurred in the last twelve months. Our day-to-day lives tend to be all-consuming, causing us to focuson the correct-now and the instant future. Retrospectives give us an opportunity to pause and consider what has been and how and why it mattered.

Apersonal favorite of mine is the evaluation of those who have passed away since the ball final dropped. Remembering these men and women and all that they accomplished in the course of their lives forces me to appear at time in the broadest and mostrelevant of senses – the lifetime. Somehow that perspectiveis settling and reassuring to me.

With that introduction, then, let me say that for me and mine, 2010 was a year of some quite dramatic adjustments anda quantity of pretty wonderful events. Here are some that come to mind.

To the Cloud and Beyond!

For those who are not sure what “the cloud” signifies, I will attempt to shed some light on this phrase and how it – the cloud – is really used.. The cloud refers to computer systems (generally lots of them, referred to as “servers”) that reside in distant areas and that exist for the objective of storing your stuff – anything and every thing electronic – on them. Basically, they replace the hard drive on your computer. All you need to have to access your stuff that is stored on these far-away computers (“in/on the cloud”) is an Internet connection and a internet browser, e.g.,Net Explorer or Firefox or their siblings.

The advantages of cloud computing are many, but the greatest advantage is ready access to your data virtually anywhere in the globe from any device that is or can be connected to the world wide web, which includes a computer, atablet (believe iPad), or a smartphone.

In the final year, both our kayaking company (Outdoorplay) and my consulting business (QuietSpacing) moved to the cloud, to wit:

Outdoorplay Operates Virtually through NetSuite SaaS and Google Apps.

Beginning in mid-2009, we (the Outdoorplay group) started migrating the systems we use to run our businessfrom a range of software program applications – the custom-built internet website, Mail Order Manager (order and buyer management), Cooler E-mail (newsletters), and QuickBooks (economic package) – to a single Software program as a Service (SaaS) platform named NetSuite. Though the migration was painful, very painful, we now run Outdoorplay from a single cloud-primarily based provider. That implies that regardless of whether we’re offering solution for sale on the net website, sending a newsletter containing coupons for acquiring goods on our net internet site, processing an order in our warehouse that was received via the net internet site, ordering solution from our vendors to store in our warehouse and sell through our web site, paying for the solution we ordered from our vendors, paying our fine group of people for making all the above come about, or reviewing our company’s functionality by hunting at a P&ampL or Balance Sheet, it really is all carried out in one place – NetSuite. And NetSuite is accessed by way of a browser. And browsers are used to view the Web. So, to run Outdoorplay, all we do is sit down at any device connected to Net, navigate to the NetSuite net web site, login, and every little thing we require is there! (And the cost is about 1/2 an FTE per year.)

Soon after&gt
Personal computer Crash: My netbook crashed in Could of 2010. I went to the closest Best Acquire and bought a new laptop off the shelf. When I got residence, I turned it on, allowed the initial installation to run (about 5 minutes), connected the box to the Web, opened a browser and was back at function…period, accomplished. Total down time between seeing the blue-screen-of-death on the netbook and in fact paying bills in NetSuite on the new laptop = 1 hour. No software program to load, not integrations to manage, no documents to recover, practically nothing. Up and running and on with the day. Incredible.
Vacation Travel with No Laptop – Initial Time Ever: We traveled to see family members more than the holiday weekend. We headed out Thursday morning and returned Saturday evening. Offered the short time frame and the rather complete schedule planned for our go to, I decided to leave my laptop house as an experiment in simplified travel. I did have my iPhone and I was comforted by the knowledgethat everywhere we had been going had a pc connected to the Web available to me if required. The outcome was, “Wow!” How wonderful it was to have 1 significantly less piece of luggage (the personal computer case) to lug about all weekend. Additionally, simply because Outdoorplay now actually exists on the cloud, I was capable to maintain fully present on all my operate. I came residence withthree or four e-mails that necessary further consideration and a to-do list that looked as though I’d been residence the whole time.

Outdoorplay is the more mature of my two organizations, plus it has a complete-time employees. Acquiring every little thing running on NetSuite and Google Apps made us far more efficient. Thiscaused me to commence searching at the QuietSpacing side of the property to see what could be achieved there as effectively.

QuietSpacing Dabbles in The Cloud

There are a number of instances where I dabbled in cloud computing for QuietSpacing in 2010. The most important migration was to an on-line CRM (Buyer Connection Management) program. I sooner or later chose to go with Zoho CRM following trying on a number of other vendors. The major reasons for selecting Zoho CRM had been (a) it is cost-free for up to three users and (b) it is completely customizable to contain fields that are specific to my needs.

Over the next twelve months, I anticipate moving far more and a lot more of my consulting practice to the cloud. The single biggest obstacle proper now is the availability of a laptop and a dependable Internet connection when I’m speaking to big audiences on the road. You’d think meeting facilities would have that dialed, butthat’s not usually the case.The realsolution is to get rid of the slidewarefrom my basic session presentations, but that isn’t an choice throughout my instruction applications. Stay tuned on this 1!

From Living in MultipleLocations to Living on the Move

One of the massive shifts thatoccurred over the last several yearsbecamepermanent this year – our want, and that of a lot of of our pals, tobe a lot more mobile in how and exactly where we reside. And some of our buddies went to the intense.

Viva Las Vegas!

About 5 years ago, we started our search for new”winter hunting grounds.” In between the gray, dark cold of Northwest Montana and the gray, rainy cold of Northwest Oregon, we were completed with “genuine” winter. We trekked our way by means of Tucson, AZ, Reno, NV, and Bend, OR, ahead of alighting in Las Vegas. Who’da thunk? But right here we are, happily ensconced on the western edge of 1 of the greatest celebration towns in the entire planet.

If we want to head out hiking, it really is 10 minutes away. If we want to take in some globe class entertainment, it really is 20 minutes away. If we want to fly off on a direct, nonstop flight to hundreds of locations about the globe, it’s 15 minutes away. And if that isn’t sufficient, we also get 360 days of sun a year and daytime temperatures in the mid-50s in the course of the coldest winter months. Viva Las Vegas is our motto!

The ber-Mobile Lifestyle

Not to be outdone, 3 of our friends have gone beyond having much more than a single location to reside. They’ve taken to the road and the water in a big way. My company companion (in Outdoorplay) and his finance are traveling the Americas in their customized Sprinter van. Checkout

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