The Mystery of Digital Chroma Key Effects


The personal computer technologies has advanced and modified to a fantastic extent and brought improvements in the field of photography. Due to the state-of-the-art video or image editing tools a lot of forms of visual effects have been introduced which have been applied on images or video. 1 can easily prepare a video or an image with the aid of these visual effects.

Chroma essential is a visual effect that is utilized for replacing background image of the topic by any other picture. With the assist of digital tools, you can transform an unbelievable image into a reality.

There are a couple of things to maintain in thoughts although preparing a photograph with video editing tools. It does not matter where you are photographing the subject, no matter whether it is in the studio or outside the studio, the topic should not put on green or blue colored garments. If you are employing a green shade, the topic need to not put on green colour clothes and identical is in the case when you use a blue shaded background cloth. This is completed so that the masking of the background image is achieved with ease and convenience. You also have to be cautious with the lighting system. The lighting program ought to be best and you ought to be able to light up the area in an proper manner. You can use three point lighting system and that refers to the use of 3 lights. These lights are crucial light which is the major a single back light which is employed to fill up the shadows at the background and light up the background image fill light is placed to eliminate the shadows on the clothes or face of the topic. As soon as you have photographed the topic you can then start off editing it in Chroma key software program. These computer programs allow you to edit the photos or videos by applying any type of laptop graphics. Some tools also allow you to apply the transitions, visual effects and even sound effects in order to prepare an attractive video or an image.