The Mis-Education Of Blacks In Politics


“…they (particular Whites) didn’t want “peaceful relations” disturbed by the teaching of a new political thought….” Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education of the Negro”

Dr. Carter G. Woodson believed that if you wanted to develop a excellent “citizen”, one particular devoted to the development and success of this country, then you should produce in that person an allegiance to this nation. That allegiance is developed through a suitable education of the content of The Constitution. And, it is created by means of engaging in the use of the political method while really seeing that method perform to modify the lives of these he/she interacts with. Certain Whites on the other hand, believed that if Blacks had a functional understanding of the Constitution then they would demand social justice and would be prepared to fight and die for it as they had done. This of course would have disrupted the “peaceful relations” Whites had already established with Blacks given that emancipation. As a result, following emancipation, the opponents of social justice started teach History by means of the perspective of Black inferiority. “If you make a man really feel that he is inferior, you do not have to compel him to accept an inferior status fore he will seek it himself.”

Blacks in America had their view of the Constitution and the rights presented therein shaped through intimidation and Mis-education to the point where they believed that affairs of the government really did not concern them. As lengthy as they were capable to obtain the bare necessities in life, they have been somewhat happy. They had to be, fore in their thinking there was no workable solution other than an all out war with the majority who seemed to control every little thing. Acceptance of social injustice became appropriate to death.

As a people these days in 2008, our view of the political procedure has been at best a selection among the lesser of evils throughout every Presidential Election. Black participation in the process has been very limited in all round numbers. And, we are distrustful of the procedure since it in no way appears to benefit us in our daily lives. So, the political approach is reduced to an entertainment spectacle or one thing to speak about to pass the time of day. Enter Senator Barack Obama, a Black man who for the very first time in the history of America appears to have a Actual opportunity at winning the Presidency. On the truth alone that he is Black, he will get a excellent numerous African-Americans to assistance him. But, the complete voting energy of the masses of Blacks will not be realized because of our poor knowledge with government and our Mis-Education inside politics in general. We want to re-read the Constitution, and discover ways to teach it in a way that inspires us to unify affectively behind our leaders. If Barack Obama is to be the next President on the backs of our vote then we must be capable to give him the complete advantage of our numbers and our effectively educated allegiance.