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These books contain various exercises such as filling in the blanks, producing queries with answers, reading and writing.

These texts are a collection of eight volume texts which allow youngsters to obtain a expertise of Arabic. All the books use applied grammar to teach essential language expertise. Every single lesson is based on a conversation which highlights language patterns. A range of workout routines helps children to realize and master each of the patterns occurring in the lesson. The vocabulary ranges from classical and Quran Arabic to words and expressions existing in contemporary Arabic. This series of books is at the moment being created use of for preparing students for the University of London (UK) GCE O-level and A-level examinations.

The books use diverse coloured text which enables  more rapidly remembering of words. Colour contrast in text acts as a beneficial remembering tool. There are also child friendly photographs that will boost childrens’ interest. Opposite pages are also in various colours which helps relieve dullness of printed matter.

Every single lesson also has points to keep in mind which are in the form of a summing up of the major points taught in the lesson.

Reading exercises are not confined to common ones but also involve vocal lessons which would aid in practicing the pronunciation of words. This is as important as understanding new words although learning a new language.

The workouts produced use of, aim at growing grammar skills such as by the use of demonstrative pronouns, use of plural and use of new words.

These books come in bright colours and are paperback bound volumes that are longish in nature.My Salat Fun Book has activities on the most important duties of believers, timing of Salat, The Prophet talks about Salat, Taharah, Wudu and Qiblah.It also contains searches, crosswords and other puzzles. The book tries to instill a love and understanding of the significance of Salat or the five everyday prayers.

There are workouts amongst other folks on word search, correct or false, the wudu and so on. There are also crosswords and discovering secret words.My Ramadan Enjoyable Book comes in a purple cover and has features on puzzles, crosswords, word searches, colouring and several other activities. It has activities on the significance of Ramadan, fasting and its rewards, recitation of the Holy Quran, respecting the masjid and hunger about the planet.

Grammar teaching is therefore prevented from becoming repetitive and boring. Assortment is introduced to improve children’s interest and also make the teaching approach an active 1, involving interaction amongst children and teachers.
Youngsters are also taught to study and examine thereby combining studying capabilities to produce a new experience.

The inner cover of the book consists of images of other books published by this Islamic book shop.

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