The Largest Blocks Show February five Debut In Xiamen


With nearly one hundred,000 bricks stacked the giraffe, the United States the Statue of Liberty, the Sydney Opera House as properly as the theme of developing blocks up to eight meters and other Asian scenery Chi vividly embodied the wonderful wisdom of the developing blocks of the Kingdom will be February 5 at the Xiamen Science and Technologies Museum open the door of the fantasy.

Yesterday, it really is ten million, nearly 3 tons of bricks on the very same day early in the morning arrived at Xiamen, the employees are to take these building blocks to create the city walls. It is reported that this is now the largest exhibition of creating blocks, its constructing blocks for all-round show and interpretation, which is the initial time in China.

According to reports, the originator of the Spring and Autumn period, a carpenter Lu Ban in order to test his son’s wisdom, invented approaches to bite 6 fixed Luban intersecting wooden locks, son busy for a extended time, and ultimately reveal the mystery. As a result this ancient puzzle toy creating blocks of the blocks to open the magical journey of a thousand years.

It is reported that this exhibition will present 4 creating blocks of the stress-generating nations treasure box, which includes the most ancient and most color-style wooden stacking blocks – China LTL, it completely replicate antique pavilions, Tower Bridge Fang Brand , elegant scent of incense cedar logs from time to time from the blocks in the spread the most modern day magnetic building blocks – Switzerland Zhimei high, do not underestimate the magnetic blocks is said to have the equivalent of each and every bar magnet’s magnetic force of two hundred instances its personal weight the most The gear assembly with unlimited creative constructing blocks – believe of the United States, as effectively as Konami world’s most common children’s brands ranked the best 5, and twice known as “the century toys” Lego of Denmark.

By then the U.S. Statue of Liberty, Eiffel Tower in France, the United Kingdom Tower Bridge, Sydney Opera Property, African lions and giraffes, penguins and other Antarctic, and the use of a lot more than one hundred,000 Lego bricks, which lasted practically ten months prior to the Asian Huge 11 famous scenic spots will be exciting presentation of the theme of creating blocks up to eight meters Chi Asian scenery will be displayed in front of the people, it will take you traveled around the planet.

It is reported that Asian scenery alone aiming at a global set of very beneficial. Excellent Wall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, Taiwan The Grand Hotel, Singapore, Merlion, like, Japan, Asakusa and other delicate scenes, complex buildings are merely collections of tiny building blocks from the fight take out.