The International Competitors Important Is Supply Chain Wrangling


Acquisition German palmer simms airport and excellent palmer simms airport affiliated bonded location function, make a function is comparatively comprehensive can be named “the fourth celebration logistics platform” platform, and formally initiated palmer simms bonded warehousing direct selling new pattern of international trade, such a huge logistics and provide chain integration engineering time-consuming four years, if plus summary ten years of international trade and international logistics experience and lesson builds the fourth celebration logistics platform, is linde logistics group 15 years do only one thing: produced the fourth celebration logistics platform, pioneered the palmer simms bonded warehousing ZhiXiaoShi international trade new model. Presently linde logistics all through the provide chain are playing the part of “very first quartet group, the firm has grown, international logistics network continuously boost, progressively from the third direction the fourth party’s evolution.

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Expert term obsure plus boring need popular analytical can be mass is well-known, first from numerous situations interpretation about linde logistics plan of “initial quartet promotion logistics service to the numerous concepts:

Establish and summarizes the international trade, logistics channels, Assist to establish overseas tax payment, bonded safety stock, The establishment of overseas regional HUB (on), distribution center, exhibition center, Establish overseas bonded storage, processing base, optimizing overseas supply chain

Far more hassle-free international logistics actual applied idea summarized even though no lively words, no appealing color code, but have to get via international logistics international provide chain extremely practical techniques that is as the advance troops logistics person’s blood and sweat of condensate, it was genuinely a feast of military forces was not sufficient to go first.

This is a true story of international logistics and provide chain six years ago, a renowned receiving shenzhen telecommunication manufacturing enterprise client, should be in 7 within a single ticket 40 tons of goods to the Minsk in belarus, and the sooner the far better. Then should come about the airline aircraft fault, has been 3 days plane didn’t arrive, resulting in flight overflights energy also ineffective, and new permission and spent two days. When the plane arrived to locate ten pieces of goods is not installed on the plane. Expend setbacks and arranged for a frame AN12 freight charter, but the goods transported to Minsk one more airport, two goods partition cannot use a set of documents in Minsk any airport customs, according to customs instructions: all goods should be focused on an airport can clearance. Tossed about ten days time to the goods by the customs supervision model with each other to. The above service is a terrible service level, in my years of experience in rare.

But later we nevertheless received the client praise, due to the fact our customers’ rival goods but far more than we arrived late and was lastly belarus telecommunications organizations return. In shenzhen is due to China’s two equal telecommunications makers also bid a project, the outcome is goods start from the bid accepted.

Enterprise is competitive in the international marketplace, there need to be an open international logistics channel, international logistics channel has two principal efficiency:

1) impassability, not,

2) is as well expensive.

Even so a more effective international logistics solutions is:

Assist to establish overseas tax payment, bonded safety stock, The establishment of overseas regional HUB (on), distribution center, exhibition center, Establish overseas bonded storage, processing base, optimizing overseas provide chain

By way of overseas bonded area or bonded library, establish overseas bonded warehousing or processing base, and according to the profession characteristic constructed overseas regional hubs or distribution centers, guarantee security stock, in peacetime by sea or other a lot more economical way fill library, will drastically decrease logistics expense and resolve the impassability and obeying “problem of. Of course the complexity of international logistics channel is far from a case can sum up, international supply chain itself exists the unpredictable situation besides, Russia, Iran, Nigeria, Afghanistan each and every node rules are various, various customs environment and logistics channels want distinct options to deal with…

In several options, international logistics and international trade solution integration sublimate into palmer simms bonded to the fourth celebration logistics platform, not only can efficiently resolve the 1st and second client’s too expensive, disabled or rough difficulty, but also for the vast quantity of logistics providers and other associated third party offers far better to initial and second shall supply solutions platform, does not have the efficient resources platform will probably in the future international market competition marginalised. Grasp the initiative for the international market place competition, we must strengthen themselves international logistics supply chain weakest these hyperlinks.