The Impact of Applying Electronic Management System on the English Language Level: A Case study at Cihan University


CITATION: T. Abdulrahman, O., & M. Omar, I. (2018). The Impact of Applying Electronic Management System on the English Language Level: A Case study at Cihan University. International Journal Of Research And Engineering, 5(7), 457-464. doi:10.21276/ijre.2018.5.7.4

Author(s): 1Omar T. Abdulrahman, 2Inas M. Omar

Affiliation(s)1Ninevah University, Mosul, Iraq, 2Cihan University, Erbil, Iraq


This research shows the advantages of applying electronic management techniques and their effect on the English language level at Cihan University – Erbil in the Kurdistan Region through discussions and checking lists, reading documents of Cihan University – Erbil, and also the comparison with the experiences of regional and international universities which have a long history in the field of electronic management. The researchers illustrate the great benefits and importance of the electronic management in many aspects of the administrative activity of the university, however these benefits might entail some of the negatives that can be by passed when using information and communication technologies in an efficient and effective way, as well as when there is a good infrastructure which we can use it to increase the English level of Cihan students. To achieve the required advantages for Cihan University when applying electronic management, with a measurement of the usefulness of those advantages compared with the costs which should be afforded by the university. The researchers use the academic style in the case study by distributing a check list form to a number of workers in the university and analyze mathematically, with a number of personal interviews with heads of departments, as well as the usage of descriptive approach by referencing to the literature through books, research and reviewing experiences of countries in order to reach the most important advantages of applying electronic management. The results of the study shows many important points, important of the electronic management is not a very complex science and it will become a perquisite requirement that must be applied to all the universities in Kurdistan Region due to its fertile, good infrastructure and the quality of the available surrounding environment and conditions.
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