The Golf Tee Shot – How to Kill Your Tee Shot


The golf tee shot is one of the most important parts of the game. The farther you hit the ball the easier the game becomes.

There’s a reason that drivers nowadays are the sizes of mailboxes-they hit the ball farther. Of course, in addition to the truth that it helps your scoring, let’s face it-killing the ball is just plain entertaining. Hitting a 300 yard drive for many individuals is just as considerably exciting as scoring in the 70’s.

So how do you hit the ball farther? Right here are golf tee shot suggestions to boost your distance now.

Dynamic stretching

Initial make sure to do some dynamic stretching before you tee off, and remain away from static stretching. The golf swing is a dynamic motion and doing static stretches will really hinder your efficiency.

Get a new driver

The modern day clubs genuinely make a massive difference in your total distance, and if you are utilizing inferior technology you are just placing oneself at a disadvantage just before you even swing the club.

Make a wide shoulder turn

As far as the golf swing is concerned, you want to make as wide a shoulder turn as feasible and at the exact same time resist with the decrease physique. Contemporary swings are all about making as much resistance as feasible, which is how to hit the ball farther.

Try to make a full 90 degree shoulder turn and at the same time not enable your hips to rotate a lot more than 45 degrees. This will create an outstanding quantity of resistance which will outcome in more distance.


There’s no larger killer to the golf tee shot then tension this will slow down your swing speed and result in all sorts of difficulties with your game. Most players instinctively tense up when they know they want to hit it farther which kills them just before they even make their swing.

Make sure to grip the club super light which will support you keep loose all through your whole body, and allow you hit it longer and straighter.

Tee it up higher

Ultimately, try and tee the ball up larger. Just about all the tour players tee it up very high and doing so will support you obtain much more distance. Use these golf tee shot tips and you will start hitting it farther really quickly.