The Golden Age Of Pulp Fiction Magazines

tags Frank was clever in many techniques. As an alternative of employing the higher priced slick paper that other publishers used, he made his magazines with inexpensive pulp scraps. This enabled a attain to a a lot wider audience simply because virtually anybody could afford to pick up a copy of the subsequent great story! He also allowed practically unknown authors to contribute their stories to his magazine. Many of these writers went on to turn out to be popular authors in their personal rights such as Edgar Rice Burroughs with his Tarzan series and Ray Bradbury’s “
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The Martian Chronicles”.

One more way he was really clever, was to have writers submit a chapter for his publications with the remaining chapters to be submitted weekly. This captured the reader’s consideration and ensured that the subsequent magazines had been bought to continue reading the story. It was a excellent advertising and marketing method! He also understood the need to have for the basic American publics need to have for a hero. It has always been so and continues to be sought following right now as is evidenced by our continued fascination with a good book or our preferred film.

One more hallmark of the pulps was the sensational artwork on the covers of the magazines. Not only have been writers born, but illustrators came into their own as properly. Many of the covers are collector’s things that are highly prized today.

About 1915, the pulps further evolved to contain detective stories. This was the era we got our 1st taste of “Ellery Queen”, “Sam Spade” and later on “Doc Savage” and “The Shadow!” Our fascination with the workings of these detectives and villainous characters had been a backdrop for numerous future Hollywood films to come.

About that time also the Western stories started to appear and we were at the beginnings of what we contact “The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction.” The flood gates started to open and all genres of writing began to seem with a complete slew of excellent pulp fiction writers. And so began the furious competition of writers submitting science fiction, fantasy, mystery, romance, horror, adventure and western stories.

Wonderful writers evolved in this era such as Dashiell Hammett, Ray Chandler, L. Ron Hubbard, Lester Dent and H.P Lovecraft. Their are many a lot more, too numerous to list here.

War broke out followed by the wonderful depression – but this was a especially good time for Pulp Fiction. A lot more than ever the men and women needed relief from these tense occasions and inexpensive but hugely entertaining stories kept some of the troubled times at bay. It was also a time when all American youngsters have been needed to be schooled. With a lot more of the population being capable to study, the continued publication of the pulp magazines had been assured and stories continued to pour in.

Today, there has been a renewed interest in pulp fiction stories and fortunately for us, several of these books are in reprint with their original illustrations. Audio books are also available which can make for a really pleasant morning commute to perform or as a family members gathering such as the radio days of old.

The Golden Age of Pulp Fiction is back! Appreciate!