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The future, solar water heating systems and constructing integration technology will be


Hot construction business. At the current meeting of the Shijiazhuang Municipal Construction Bureau, “and developing-integrated solar water heating systems style and application of the promotion,” meeting, identified the 12-story residential developing with the following hospitals, schools, hotels, swimming pools, public baths and other large water consumption need to be use of solar water heating systems and creating integration technology decisions, and to encourage high-rise residential buildings to set up solar hot water technique.

According to the Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, the individual in charge, the installation of solar hot water method is higher upfront investment, but in the lengthy term, solar is less expensive than electricity and gas, much more savings


And solar energy is renewable power.

Face of the ever rising

Solar water heaters


Water heater

The position of a challenge. With the solar water heater market matures and the marketplace tends to increase the management, solar water heater traditional water heater territory captured the success factors has improved considerably.

According to evaluation, considering that 2003, solar water heater market, the industry accounted for 11.2% of the share, and will stay 20% -30% annual growth price of the improvement of a higher. China has become the world’s biggest solar water heater production and advertising power. According to this development rate, within 10 years solar water heater market will dominate the market.



Energy, as no electricity. International energy shortage that we have to face the trend

Water Heater

Is converted into heat power to electrical energy, have hot water, necessary energy. At present, some companies claim that the so-called ‘energy’ technologies to boost the insulation effect, however, minimize the heat loss. Simply because power is conserved, how much water is bound to the corresponding energy consumption, this energy-saving effect is minimal. Electric water heater, the water type requires time, but also leakage of safety dangers

The water heater

Energy is also large, energy consumption and much more normally residential area are not carrying such a load. Additionally, we may possibly not know, electric ignition system inefficient, wasteful electricity is fairly clear even do not know, in China’s power mainly depends on the coal situation, this waste will generate greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution a series of serious environmental difficulties. An ordinary electric water heaters use less energy for the duration of the equivalent of burning 100 kg or 125 kg of fuel coal, power consumption is extremely alarming.

It is estimated that a lot more than 300 million households in China, if every single loved ones to switch to solar hot water centers, 2,700 degrees a year can save electricity to .five yuan per kilowatt basis, the year 1350 to save electrical energy charges both energy and funds, no security worries. If the national 1 / five of households use solar hot water centers, expenses linked with the national annual savings of nearly 800 billion yuan in saving a lot more than 1600 billion kWh, equivalent to the 3 Gorges Hydropower Project Phase six times the generating capacity, but also significantly reduced due to a big number of dangerous substances from burning coal.


RMB appreciation

And raw components costs, labor charges, lack of industry talent, inflation and other damaging factors to the solar business a specific amount of stress. Nonetheless, the national “power saving” the additional implementation of the policy, have introduced policies to support all through the improvement of the market, the rural industry a comprehensive space launch industry, the expansion, driven by favorable variables such as, China’s solar water heater business will continue to maintain a fast improvement trend.

General about 15 years, solar power use can save power fees around 15,000 yuan. Intelligent and rational men and women will not give up a few trees throughout the forest, so to speak some buyers to set up solar water heaters, one would quickly consider of winter, cloudy Zaban, we think that this is not rational. Furthermore, electricity, coal, gas and other conventional power extraction will become increasingly smaller, and prices are beyond people’s consumption of the bottom line.

Sector experts boldly predicted, gas, electricity and other standard water heaters simply because of the inertia of pondering, the market capacity will be falling sharply, lessen capacity, solar hot water centers will enter the marketplace, the central period of fast development.