The child fell off the bed: what consequences can there be?

The child fell off the bed: what consequences can there be?

The child fell off the bed: what consequences can there be?

Little children acquire a variety of skills quite quickly. At first, babies struggle to hold their head and seem completely helpless, but gradually they learn to grab rattles, turn from back to stomach, crawl, sit down, get up and finally walk. Many parents underestimate the skills of toddlers – they are sure that children who know almost nothing can not move and easily leave them on high surfaces – tables, sofas, changing tables – unattended.

So did the parents of little Colton, who went with him to visit friends. Paige Ferguson, Colton’s 26-year-old mother put it on a large bed, wrapping the baby in pillows. After a while she heard loud crying – it turned out that the baby fell to the floor from a height of about 60 cm.

The boy hit his head, cried, but quickly calmed down and even began to smile. At first glance it seemed that he was all right, but his parents decided to go to the doctors to make sure that Colton did not get any serious injuries.

It seemed to them that this was just a control visit, but the child who was in a good mood all the way, immediately after coming to the hospital, became sick – doctors immediately appointed him a computer tomography . It turned out that the child had broken bones of the skull. Later, he had a cerebral hemorrhage and cardiac arrest. Doctors were not sure that the child would survive, but even in the case of a successful outcome, it was suggested that Colton would forever be disabled.

He had to spend about a month in the hospital – to undergo a neurosurgical operation, as well as several blood transfusions. Now he was discharged, but Colton can not be called healthy – he developed severe epilepsy , and he eats through gastrozond. Doctors suppose that the trauma will lead to further development of cerebral palsy, which means that the boy will have problems with movement and speech.

 Colton’s parents on their Facebook page turned to all the parents of the kids, urging them not to leave their children unattended, and in case the fall did occur, immediately seek medical help.

They are glad that now the child’s recovery is going better than the doctors assumed and their most terrible forecasts are not confirmed. The child, however, still has a long rehabilitation.

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