The Biometric Solution For Time and Attendance Management


We’d like to consider that the individuals who operate for us, these who have accomplishment-fully passed our interview and screening approach, are every single bit as honest as we’d hoped. And thankfully, for the most element they are. But human nature becoming what it is, the odds are you are going to ultimately encounter a bad apple among your staff of peaches, and when that happens you are vulnerable to loss, not only of materials, but of significant payroll ££££’s.

Because 1 of the main arenas of employee theft is the falsification of time cards and time sheets, resulting in pay for operate that in no way happened. Even though standard time clocks can be powerful as a means of preventing this variety of theft, they are not impervious to the dedicated handful of. If this problem persists in your business, then perhaps you need an additional kind of employee timekeeping system, a single that is practically unbeatable. It is named biometrics, and it entails the use of fingerprint technologies to recognize personnel as they log in and out of operate.

With classic time sheets and time clocks, it really is simple for an employee to log a colleague in or out of work. Which implies, any individual with an accomplice can arrive late and/or leave early, or not at all, leaving you with the tab for a fully-worked shift. With supervisory eyes spread thin, it can be challenging to watch the door to make certain this scam – it really is referred to as “buddy punching – doesn’t come about. 1 way to be optimistic it does not is to install a biometric fingerprint time and attendance system, the technique identifies the user – in your case, your employee – with out possibility of fraud, and the true time of arrival or departure is recorded.

As if the prevention of payroll time theft is not adequate, the news just gets better from there. Systems such as the Timenet Bio Ethernet connect straight to the company’s computer network. Which indicates, the recorded time is automatically processed. Timenet automatically calculates variables such as overtime, unauthorized absence and it does it for what ever frequency your payroll runs on, be it weekly, bi-weekly, bi-month-to-month or monthly, with unique categories for vacation and sickness. The method is effortlessly and price-effectively installed, with little instruction essential, right after sales upkeep assistance contracts are accessible ensuring that your return on investment keeps developing. Timenet Bio will develop with your company the method is expandable from 50 to up to 10,000 staff.

So just as biometrics quit employees from beating the system, Timenet Bio stops the variables of your payroll, whatever they could be, from beating it, too. No much more time sheet errors, no more time card more than stamps, no a lot more stealing of your payroll £££’s via fraudulent time and attendance data. And, a payroll approach that runs like a Swiss watch. With Timenet Bio Ethernet in the home, all this and much more – meaning, an improved bottom line – can be yours.